Hiking Day


At the Quentin Blake Europe School a "Wandertag" or school activity day normally takes place in those months where there are no public holidays. A major objective of these common activity days is to strengthen community spirit. Many classes plan to spend the day together, have a joint destination or help each other in preparing for their day out of school. Sometimes, older year groups may join up with younger classes. On the 8th of November, the activity day included a trip to the zoo, the local fire station, the farm in Dahlem and the Technik museum. One class took to their bikes on a cross-country tour through the nearby Grunewald, while another class spent the day making jam and sewing. Organising this common activity day across the entire school also helps to prevent unnecessary disruption to the normal timetable.



 Cross Country Bike Tour- Picture Gallery



forest:       (Grunewald) rough terrain

distance:   21 kilometer (13 miles)

ascent:      up to 10%

time:         5h (from 9am to 2pm)

fun:           great!!

Quentin Blake Illustration