Känguru Maths Competition 2017


Abdelrahman Shokr3.1101,251st prize
David Schröder3.396,251st prize
Nerea Lange3.287,502nd prize
Lennox Hoinka3.382,253rd prize
Sophia Knothe4.1107,501st prize and T-Shirt
Mete Türkay4.1103,752nd prize
Emily Holton4.297,503rd prize
Edda Seidel4.195,753rd prize
Max Levi Fuhlmann5.187,502nd prize
Rushli Chiannakareti5.176,253rd prize
Florian Wintergrün6.2103,751st prize
Besarion van Riesen6.1102,501st prize
Hannah Elwardt6.195,752nd prize
Kaan Türkay6.292,753rd prize
Femi Ogsaint6.191,253rd prize
Tobi Zühlke6.287,503rd prize






Känguru Maths Competition 2016

PDF Download – Känguru Maths Competition - results and prizes






Känguru Maths Competition 2015

Finally, here are the results of the Känguru maths competition! In this year 212 pupils from the QBES took part in this competition.                  For further information  





Tabea Menkens6.1108,751st prize
Laurin Stahl6.1103,752nd prize
Florian Wintergruen4.2102.501st prize
Lena Heller6.3101,252nd prize and T-Shirt
Ada Tekin6.297,503rd prize
Konstantin Hesselmann6.393,753rd prize
Besarion van Riesen4.191,253rd prize
Tobi Zühlke4.290,003rd prize
Kaan Türkay4.290,003rd prize
Olamgir Arziev4.187,503rd prize
Maia Stahl5.186,253rd prize
Elisabeth Franke5.182,503rd prize




Känguru Maths Competition 2014

Finally, here are the results of the Känguru maths competition! 217 pupils from the QBES took part in this competition.








Tobi Zühlke3.2101,251st prize and T-Shirt
Kaan Türkay3.296,252nd prize
Hannah Elwardt3.195,002nd prize
Matthew Lesche3.292,252nd prize
Florian Wintergruen3.289,503rd prize
Magdalena Kolarich3.187,503rd prize
Emil Schaedla3.387,503rd prize
Carl Nord3.186,253rd prize
Jonathan Tralau3.386,253rd prize
Kai Meijsing-Pioletti3.385,753rd prize
Priya Vaidya 3.385,753rd prize
Laurin Stahl5.178,503rd prize
Lena Heller5.375,003rd prize
Lisa Uhrig5.175,003rd prize
Erik Jürgens6.198,752nd prize
Robert Jürgens6.291,252nd prize
Clemens Frey6.185,003rd prize
Estelle Bode6.183,753rd prize

PDF Download – Results: Känguru Competition






Känguru maths competition 2013
Here are the results of the Känguru maths competition! 165 pupils from the QBES took part in the competition and this year's winners were from left to right:

Robert, Erik, Quentin, Jan, Antonia and Sophie


Quentin Kreidler3.181,252nd prize
Jan Huisinga3.175,753rd prize
Antonia Klink4.175,00T-Shirt
Robert Jürgens5.287,502nd prize
Sophie Craig5.179,503rd prize
Erik Jürgens5.178,253rd prize


Känguru maths competition 2012
The results of the Känguru maths competition are here at last! 173 pupils from the QBES took part in the competition and everyone was a winner! This year's "prize for all" is the Rubik's Snake puzzle, also known as the magic snake. The leaflet enclosed with the snake has different tasks to try. More tasks of different levels are available as a PDF-document.

PDF Download – Kubra Tasks

This year's prize winners at our school are:


Laurin Stahl3.190,001st prize
Neisha Cameranesi3.276,253rd prize
Antonius deGruyter3.275,003rd prize
Celia Bonn4.197,502nd prize
Lisa Schneider4.195,002nd prize
Robert Jürgens4.295,002nd prize
Clemens Frey4.191,253rd prize
Philip Frese4.291,253rd prize
Emma Wette5.176,002nd prize
Mia Wientgen6.1105,002nd prize



Mia Wientgen of the 6.1. achieved most points of all participants at QBES and therefore wins the Känguru shirt. Well done Mia!