Visit to Allied Museum

The Allied Museum's presentation of the Berlin Airlift, featuring many hands-on activities, proved just right for the second-graders at the Quentin Blake Europe School.
They already knew the story of Gail Halverson's candy drops and the song “The Chocolate Pilot”, written by one of our teachers and performed during the original Candy Bomber's two visits to our school.
Two friendly young ladies per class challenged our children to assemble a puzzle of divided Berlin, pack a model Care package, join forces to lift a sack of coal inside a historical Airlift aeroplane and make parachutes. These were imaginatively decorated by the children, attached to a Hersey bar and tested with great enthusiasm from the stairs of the aeroplane. The children were given an age-appropriate introduction to postwar Berlin and the Airlift.
Many thanks to our Parent Association for making this project possible, and to Herr Pfeiffer for his painstaking work in organizing it.


Quentin Blake Illustration