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English Library Membership

 We want all children to be able to fully benefit from the library, as it is part of the class lessons. Therefore starting this year, the library which is funded by the Förderverein (and thus by the parents) will be open to all students without having to pay a separate library contribution. Children whose parents are not Förderverein members must only fill out a form to accept liability for late fees and losses.

Parents and guardians who would like to have a library membership must however be members of the Förderverein.

Because the library is privately funded by parents we would of course be very pleased (if you are not already members) if you joined the Förderverein or simply made a donation to the library. We can now write receipts for donations, which wasn’t possible before with the user fee system.


PDF Download – Library Anmeldeformular für Förderverein Mitglieder

PDF Download – Library Nutzungsvereinbarung - ohne Förderverein Mitgliedschaft

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