Impressions Cabuwazi

Circus Cabuwazi

Every year for the past ten years now, the school project week for all pupils in the fourth year is traditionally spent at the Cabuwazi circus in Treptow. The subjects for this school week are acrobatics, clowning, juggling and tightrope walking. In the Cabuwazi project week, the children swap their classrooms for the circus arena. The children have the opportunity to discover new talents and develop new skills, and become tightrope walkers, trapeze artists or circus directors in just four days. The highlight of the circus week is the performance on Friday, when all the children can be shining stars in the arena.

The circus project week begins on Monday morning with getting to know the circus itself, the team and the various disciplines of the circus arts through warm-up exercises and games. At the end of this day of training, the children choose two disciplines that they wish to perform on the Friday. The training for the circus acts continues on Tuesday and Wednesday and the children chose their costumes. Thursday is the day of the dress rehearsal to music. The week ends with the performance under the big top on Friday, when family and friends and other classes and teachers of the school are warmly invited to see the Year Four's very special and unique circus performance.


Cabuwazi 2011/2012

Cabuwazi 2013



Quentin Blake Illustration