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Green School

Since some time there is the Green School-Initiative at the Quentin-Blake-Europe-School. It has been founded by Heidi Klotz a teacher of our School. She would like to give you here a short information what it is all about:

Green School?  What is that supposed to mean? 
Maybe it’s just a crazy or naive idea, but since living and working in India for a year at the school which was awarded “Model Green of India” I have become more passionate than ever about sustainable living and the environment.  
Perhaps I misnamed the project, since the term “Green” has developed many meanings and my real passion is the soil.  In India I learned that soil really is at least part of the solution to problems as diverse as climate change, cancer, asthma, polluted drinking water, drought, famine and poverty.


PDF Download – Green School Newsletter July 2011

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