Here are many offers and ideas, not only to learn during the Easter holidays, but also to make interesting or even exciting discoveries. Just scroll through. It's worth it!



PDF Download – Writing competition - closing date 30th April 2020

PDF Download – Help and ideas to write a great story

PDF Download – Wimpy 1

PDF Download – Wimpy 2

PDF Download – Wimpy 3

PDF Download – Wimpy 4

PDF Download – Adrian 1

PDF Download – Adrian 2





Traveling is not possible. Visits to museums are also not permitted at this time. But how about a virtual visit to the most beautiful museums in the world. Please! Here it is possible!


If you are looking for the challenge in math, you can prove it in Math in April.


If you want to take a journey through the math cosmos, here is a great site: Mathematics for listening 






You will  find below some excellent offers for English and German online resources

The access (username and password) was obtained from the class teachers or parent representatives. Some of the accesses are probably already known to you.







Here are some Spring/Easter Arts and Crafts PDF files for kids who are interested in supplementary offers.

PDF Download – beautiful butterflies

PDF Download – cardboard tube blossom tree craft

PDF Download – dried petal pictures craft

PDF Download – easter craft

PDF Download – easter egg art

PDF Download – minibeast hunt

PDF Download – origami easter bunny

PDF Download – yoghurt pot frogs