Calendar for the school year 2019/2020



10th August 2019school enrolment

from 10.00

12th August - 16th August 2019class trip 6.3

13th August - 17th August 2019class trip 3.2, 3.3

16th August 2019Assembly #1

21st August 2019staff meeting #2

16:15 - 18:30 (Casino)

21st August 2019moderators meeting SESB


22nd August 2019ABC of the SESB, introduction day for new teachers



11th September 2019Open House

17:00 - 19:00

16th September – 23rd September 2019class trip 5.1

17th September 2019GEV #1

18th September 2019Finance Committee

16:00 in the conference room

18th September 2019moderator meeting SESB, SenBJF,

room 5C39

19th September - 2nd October 2019registration period for school beginners

see more: admission

20th September 201922nd Fun Run

15:00 - 18:00 on the sports field

25th September - 27th September 2019school photographer

25th September 2019 Reading Competition SESB partner tongue

26. September 2019 Assembly #2

27th September 2019parents' evening 3.2

28th September 2019Mini-Marathon

Meeting point: Reiterdenkmal 14:15



2nd October 2019steering group #1


3rd and 4th October 2019no lessons

4th October 2019team day tjfbg

7th October - 19th October 2019autumn holidays

21st October - 25th October 2019class trip 3.1.

22nd October 2019SV

3rd and 4th lesson

23rd October 2019Opening Ceremony of the German Library

All teachers are very welcome

23rd October 2019Übergangs conference SESB 5. + 6. classes

30th October 2019moderators meeting SESB, SenBJF

room 5C39

30th October 20192nd department meeting Topic/SU 1 – 4



1st November 2019Halloween Party

16:30 - 19:00

8th November 2019lantern parade

13th November 20192nd department meeting Saph classes 1. – 3.

13th November 2019Personalversammlung

12.20 – 14.20 Dienstschluss für teilnehmende Lehrkräfte ab 11.30 Uhr

14th November 2019Essenskommission

20th November 20192nd department meeting English

14.30 – 16.00 R S22

20th November 20192nd department meeting Math

14.30 – 16.00 R 126

20th November 2019department meeting Art

from 16:00

26. November 2019Schulleitersitzung SESB, SenBJF

10.00 – 13.00

27th November 2019staff meeting #3


27th November 2019Parents' evening 6th grade

18:30 Casino

27th November 2019moderators meeting SESB

SenBJF Raum 5C39

28. November 2019Info evening classes 6 (Charles Dickens)



4th December 2019steering group #2

from 14.30

4th December 2019Assembly #3 (Christmas)

17th December - 19th December 2019Christmas Concerts

23th December 2019 - 4th January 2020christmas holidays



End of January 2020Pinguin-Competition

8th January 2020moderators meeting SESB

SenBJF, Raum 5C39

8th January 2020steering group #3


20th January - 24th January 2020semi-annual talks classes 1 – 3

20th January - 24th January 2020Prognosegespräche classes 6



3rd February - 8thFebruary 2020winter holidays

18th February 2020 Assembly #4

19th February 2020moderators meeting SESB


19th February 2020staff meeting #3 with Bisalski,

16.30 – 19.00

19th February 2020FB English, advanced training Term 1

from 9.55

25th February 2020Carnival – plus carnival in the sports hall

(freiwilliges Angebot, sports lessons will then be cancelled)



4th March 20203rd department meeting Englisch

14.30 – 16.00 R S22

10th March 2020Rolli-Day

11th March 20203rd department meeting Saph classes 1. – 3.

18th March 20203rd department meeting Topic/SU 1 – 4

23rd March - 27th March 2020Book Week

30th March 2020 Assembly #5

30th March - 3. April 2020Cabuwazi 1

31st March 2020Dodge Ball Tournament 4 – 6



1st April 20203rd department meeting Math

R 126

6th April - 17th April 2020Easter holidays

20th April - 24th April 2020Cabuwazi 2

29th April 2020steering group #4



11th May - 15th May 2020Cabuwazi 3

13th May 20204th department meeting English

14.30 – 16.00

15th May 2020Assembly #6

16th May 2020Avon-Lauf

29th May 2020 ?table tennis tournament

Exact date not yet knownswimming competition



3rd June 2020SenBJF

9th June 2020Federal Youth Games

12th June 2020Federal Youth Games (avoidance date)

18th Juni 20200. parents evening

23rd June 2020Assembly #7

24th June 2020last day of school

25th June - 7th August 2020summer holidays

10th August 2020First school day; school year 2020/2021