Erasmus Plus - Strategic School Partnership

As a National European School Berlin, we want to promote cohesion and getting to know other European countries through our students. In our Erasmus + project, we want to work against discrimination and unequal treatment and educate our students to be unbiased people. We will meet with teachers and students from Wales, Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Spain to work on different aspects together. At a first meeting of teachers in Ankara at the end of November 2018, the next steps will be discussed. In May 2019 children from the other partner school will come to visit us in Berlin and together we intend to create short films against discrimination. In June, the teachers will then create a joint website / Twinspace at a meeting.
In a first step, some classes will create a proposal for the project logo. The various proposals will then be voted on at the Ankara meeting in late November 2018. Furthermore, questionnaires and interviews will be prepared at a later date.
 At an assembly on November 15, 2018, the project was presented to the entire QBES student body and a project sign affixed to the QBES building, in the presence of press representatives, following this event.


further information on the KMK-website