The 1st Prize Winner of the 2020 QBES Writing Competition is …

Solana Montana, 5.2

Congratulations, Solana!

I want to congratulate everyone who entered the 2020 QBES Writing Competition! Thank you to all of you who took the trouble to share your experiences during the Corona lockdown. It's been a pleasure to read your entries and a big challenge to select the winners.

Our 1st Prize, Solana's Corona diary, has captured the spirit of the Wimpy Kid perfectly. Solana has a sharp eye for the ridiculous and her diary had me in stitches throughout! Apart from her original style, Solana is extremely funny and creates interesting twists and turns in her narrative. Adding a bilingual component to the diary was cleverly executed and is bound to resonate with her readers. Excellent work, Solana!
The 2nd Prize has been awarded jointly to:

Lisa Schönach, 4.2 and Ariane Knoll, 4.1

The 3rd Prize is shared between our two youngest writers:

Zahra Abdi, 2.1 and Nicolas Cobos, 3.1

Congratulations to you all!


Here you can read the 1st page of Solana's winning entry; the rest of her diary will be published in the Young Writers' magazine in the autumn.

Corona non-stop, Corona till you drop!

by Solana Montana, 5.2
30 April 2020

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s another day and I have to be stuck at home again, for another 24 hours. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
All I can do is stick around and work from dawn till dusk. My teachers are driving me nuts, too. I swear I’m going to end up in the mad house!

My entire family has gone mad; none of us can control ourselves. We have such a small workspace that every time someone moves, something falls. Booooom!!!

I have English, science, social studies math, French and half of my teachers expect me to go online and the other half want me to go to school and turn in my work in person. We don’t even have a car. Instead we have to bike for eternity, like literally! And doesn’t this increase our chance of getting Corona? Just asking!

My sis is driving me nuts! I can barely go outside, because I have horrible allergies and if I sneeze or cough once, all of these grouchy grannies will shout at me until I crumble like feta cheese! I feel like I could pour water over them so that they melt like the witch in the wizard of OZ, “I’m melting, I’m melting, AHHHH!”

Even when I’m in the grocery store's parking lot, waiting for my mom, I have to listen to old grouches barking at each other about the Corona Virus!

Warning! Next part is bilingual, hahaha!

To be continued In the Young Writers' magazine!




PDF Download – Young Writers' Club-die zweite Ausgabe: Das ganze Magazin




PDF Download – Die 1.Ausgabe des Young Writers' Club Magazins ist hier online

The Young Writers’ magazine is out at last! Over the past year we’ve been working on a Living History project. Friends and family from our grandparents’ generation provided us with plenty of information about how children grew up in the past. Contributions were sent to us from all over the world. We will be selling the magazine on a donation basis, in support of the QBES Förderverein, and it is available from Ms Wagner, in room 114.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for purchasing the Young Writers’ magazine. This is our first publication and we hope you enjoy the intriguing stories and excellent artwork. The Young Writers’ Club started in 2016 and has been open to all students who love writing and storytelling. In this edition we have focused entirely on the QBES Living History Project which aims to strengthen relationships between today’s young people and their grandparents’ generation. Our stories, plays and poems will be published at a later date.
When we started the Living History Project we were delighted by the large number of
contributions sent to us by friends, grandparents and other family members from around the world. They are a fascinating reminder of times gone by. Reading those childhood memories and reminiscences in the context of world history is both moving and humbling, considering the dangers the older generation faced during their lifetime.

At this point I must acknowledge the commitment of our young writers who gave up their lunch hours to be part of the writers’ club. A big round of applause to them all. Only the most dedicated students turn up week after week and produce interesting and original work. The success of our project is primarily due to their perseverance and hard work.
I would also like to express my gratitude to Ms Kuntzsch and Ms Wedeu, who supported the club from the beginning and provided the initial spark of inspiration. They were as pleased as we were, by the many positive comments we received from a large number of senior citizens, grandparents and friends, all of them eager to pass on their wisdom and humour us with their personal anecdotes. Finally, a big thank you goes to Ms Montana whose creative and technical input was essential in putting our magazine together. We hope you enjoy reading it.
With best wishes from,
Ms Wagner and the Young Writers