Our school is a place where we all respect each other. This is an essential requirement for learning successfully, without any worries.

These school rules are a guide to help avoid difficulties and to solve conflicts that may arise.


In School


  • We want to be happy in school and so we greet each other nicely. Both grown- ups and children behave politely and considerately.
  • In a dispute, the children should be the first to make an effort in finding a peaceful solution. If this does not succeed, they can approach a teacher or educator.
  • The caretaker or head teacher must be informed immediately if anything is broken or damaged, especially the safety equipment (fire alarms, fire extinguishers, loudspeakers, intercoms).
  • Running is not allowed in the school in order to prevent accidents.
  • During lessons and UEA, the children may only leave the school grounds when accompanied by a teacher, educator or parent.
  • Valuables should not be brought in the school; only bring the necessary amount of money into school; do not leave money lying around.
  • The following applies to all pupils: Between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. all mobile phones must be turned off. When this rule is disregarded the mobile phone will be confiscated and must be collected by the parents from the office the following day. In exceptional circumstances teachers and educators may allow pupils to use their phones. All other electronical devices should NOT be brought to school.
  • Dangerous objects must not be brought into school. Throwing hard objects around is also not allowed (e.g. snowballs, acorns, conkers, etc.)
  • Rubbish belongs in the bins provided.
  • Keep the toilets clean and use them for the purpose they are intended for.
  • Animals and pets may only be brought into school if allowed by a teacher.


During Lessons


  • Children should be allowed to learn in peace without being disturbed by other children who are shouting, laughing out loud, fighting or leaning back on their chairs.
  • Children should be punctual and it’s their own responsibility to be prepared for lessons.
  • Children must inform the secretary if the teacher does not turn up 5 minutes after the bell has rung for the start of the lesson.
  • Work books and material that have been provided for children must be treated carefully. Teacher and children are obliged to return books and materials in such a state that the next child can use them.


In the Break


  • All children go to the school playground in the long break. At the start of the long break children should remember to bring their breakfast, suitable clothing and to visit the toilet if necessary.
  • You can approach all playground supervision staff from both the Biesalksi-School and Europe-School if need be. If it rains you have to stay in the classroom.
  • You should not be on the flower-beds or in the bushes. There is plenty to do on the playground.
  • During the long break you are allowed to play with softballs.
  • You must follow the  “Quenbies Hofregeln”




  • In violation of our rules, you have to face the consequences.