As ever the Reading Competition 2016 provided a great platform for our young readers to display their reading prowess. There was: joy, expectation, hope, anticipation and yes... tears, all of which  provided the audience and participants with an exciting event. Therefore, we at Quentin Blake School have an event of which we can be proud.

Our winners are a shining example of all that is good in our community. These students not only have the ability to read and digest complex texts, but they also demonstrate that they can perform them confidently in front of an audience...skills which will be most useful for their future.
Class 2  MTE  Amelia
Class 3 MTE  Sophia
Class 3 PTE  Lilian
Class 4 MTE Florian
Class 4 PTE Sunna
Class 5 MTE Ted
Class 5 PTE Alessia
Class 6 MTE Latu
Class 6 PTE Maia


Picture Gallery Book Week 2016