Quentin Blake Europe School


Communication means practicing a style of interaction that ischaracterized by respect, esteem, and mutual trust.

The school community works to maintain a pleasant school climatecharacterized by understanding one another and a willingness to help.

This Complaint Management Policy is intended for use in special cases andserves as a guide to deal with conflicts promptly and successfully. It is ourcommon goal to have to use these guidelines as rarely as possible!

The following guideline on complaint management provides information onthe procedure to be followed by all parties involved in a conflict in theevent of complaints or concerns.

Anonymous complaints will only be investigated in absolutely exceptionalcircumstances.

All written documentation will remain with the school and is confidential;the sequence of appointments and complaint handling must bedocumented. The school conference will review these documents andensure that the sequence of steps has been followed.


PDF Download – Complaints Policy

PDF Download – Squid Game - Message from the Gesamtkonferenz to the school community