Welcome to the Quentin Blake Europe School homepage!

Our school is a public primary school with the special educational focus of bilingual education. 
A major objective is integrated bilingual learning groups with bilingual instruction beginning in first grade. The students and teaching staff in each class are half native or mother tongue speakers of either German or English. Native speakers conduct the language lessons in smaller divided groups of Mother Tongue and Partner Tongue.  Half of our student body and staff are native speakers of English.  Since English has become lingua franca in so many countries of the world, we have lively cultural mix with students and teachers from countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Kenya, South Africa, the USA and many other countries.

One of the many benefits of our school is that the children receive both Mother Tongue and Partner Tongue in small groups of usually twelve students.  Mathematics is taught in German while Topic, history, general science, geography, music and art are taught in English. Beginning in 5th grade the children also receive instruction in French.

The Quentin Blake School is an obligatory all-day school.  Students are required to be present from
8 a.m. till 4 p.m.
Intercultural experiences may be made not only during the lessons but also in the many diverse activities available outside the lessons.  The TJFBG is responsible for offering activities which support the lessons and whole child learning.
Our homepage offers much important information about our school as well as some tantalizing insight to school life.