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Emergency care

Dear parents,

from Tuesday, 17.03.2020 the QBES will be closed like all other general education schools
We will set up emergency care for children whose parents work in systemically important occupational groups and cannot organise childcare in any other way.

The system-relevant occupational groups have been defined and can be found on the attached emergency care registration form. According to the school authorities, both parents must belong to these occupational groups.

If you belong to the occupational groups listed there and are dependent on emergency care, please proceed as follows:

1. please write an e-mail to as soon as possible with the following text:

Subject: Emergency care - surname, first name, class

My child (surname, first name) from class (XX) will appear for emergency care from Tuesday, 17.03.2020.

2. please give your child the completed emergency care form (attachment) on Tuesday.

3. emergency care will be offered from 6:00 to 18:00. Please note that this is emergency care and that you should keep the time of care to a minimum - the time of possible infection should be kept to a necessary minimum.

4. please bring the working materials sent to you EXPRESSLY Please also do not forget books or workbooks. The working materials should be sufficient for a working time of two hours.

Parents who care for their children at home should be aware of the following information from the Senate School Administration:

1. please try to organise the care of your children in such a way that the number of children is kept to a minimum.

2. please make sure, if possible, that older or particularly vulnerable people are not entrusted with the care of children.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller and Nicola Kub

School head and deputy head 

PDF Download – emergency care form




PDF Download – Senatsverwaltung: Info school closure



We have just received the following newsflash:

All general education schools in the state of Berlin will be closed from Tuesday, 17.3.2020, until the end of the Easter holidays.

All class trips and other extracurricular activities, including Cabuwazi, exchange with France, trip to Hastings, traffic school, etc. will be cancelled.

There will also be no activities within the school, for example Assemblies, Federal Youth Games, school festivals (summer festival) etc.

Parents' evenings, conferences and sports competitions are also affected.

Your class teachers will send you a collection of tasks for your children by e-mail. Please help your children to work through them.

The school will only provide emergency care for children whose parents belong to the professional groups defined by the Senate Department for Health, Nursing and Equality. This list is not yet available. You will be informed as soon as we have this list.

Your children have already taken materials from school today that they will need for work at home. On Monday, they will probably bring some more things.

Monday, 16.3.2020 is a normal school day.

This is a restless time with unusual measures. We are sure that the school community at Quentin Blake Elementary School will cope well with the tasks ahead. We will try to communicate with parents as much as possible during this time.

According to current information, the staff will also be present at the school during closing time (from 17.03.2020) and will therefore receive all information in time to forward it to you.

We would like to thank you already now for your support!

With kind regards

Ralf Müller & Nicola Kub





Dear parents!

1. on monday there is normal school activity, swimming and sports will probably take place in the classroom

2. please also make sure on Monday that the children take their work materials with them.

3. first week of closure:  

Tue to Fri: The subject teachers please send the work instructions to the class teachers by Monday 12.00 at the latest. The class teachers send them collectively to the parents' representatives by Tue 9.30 am.

The following closing weeks: The subject teachers send the work instructions to the class teachers by Friday (12.00). By the following Monday (9.30 am) the class teachers send the collected work orders to the parent representatives.

4. from Tuesday onwards, all staff must be present. We are still thinking about a core time when all staff members are present. More information about this will be available on Monday. We will have to see how we are going to work then and if the instructions for the meeting of school working groups are still valid.

5. although your own children may need to be looked after at home, this is not a permission to stay at home. Unfortunately the duty of service applies. You have to take care of them yourself.

6. the crisis team will meet on Monday, 16.3. at 12.30 pm (Müller, Klatt, Klemme, Nayhauß, Schulz)

7. all necessary information will in future be displayed on an information wall in the staff room and sent by e-mail. Please check the e-mails daily.

8. please stay at home if you have cold symptoms. Sickness notifications can be requested by telephone from the doctor.


Thank you very much for your calm and professional manner, which you have shown in this matter so far.

Best regards and please stay healthy

R. Müller






Coronavirus - Information

The school management may not close the school.
The Board of Health will do that.
If we come into contact with the virus, we have to tell Health Services.
Anyone with a contact case in a class's family should report it to the school board.
Whoever has a personal contact case in the families reports it to the school management.
We report it to the health department and the school supervisor and wait for instructions.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller

School Head



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