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Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 17.9.2021

Dear parents,

As every Friday, today you will get some information.

Corona/Hygiene/Positive Testing:

It is hitting the school more intensely than other schools right now. 13 children at the school have recently been tested positive and are in home isolation. Since other children have had contact with these students, they have also been quarantined by the health department.

In addition, one teacher who taught classes 1.3, 3.3 and 6.1 was tested positive. After the health department investigated this case, they responded by quarantining all three classes.

School officials are currently investigating whether any teacher misconduct occurred. If this should be the case, the school may also take disciplinary action.

We hope that this phase, which is currently quite intense, will soon be over.

Learning level diagnoses:

In the last few days, we have started to carry out learning level diagnoses in the subjects German, English and mathematics.

In cases where children are found to be lagging behind, parents will be invited to a feedback meeting before the fall vacations. Feedback on the results for those children who were not found to be behind will be given after the vacations. The teachers will contact you for this purpose.

Intensive swimming courses during the fall vacations:

Several Berlin swimming clubs, in cooperation with the Sportjugend Berlin and the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, are again offering intensive swimming courses for children during the fall vacations.

The intensive courses are aimed at 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who do not yet have a youth swimming badge in bronze.

Participation in the courses is free of charge.

For more information, please see the attachment.


Classes 1.3, 3.3 and 6.1 will be visited by the school photographer on 9/29.

We wish you a nice weekend

With kind regards

R. Müller




Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 10.9.2021

Dear parents,

today I have only a little information.

Corona situation at the school:

This week, class 6.3 had to stay home for two days. 3 children were tested positive. The health authorities issued a quarantine order for these three children. Two children from the class have to be tested again. All other children may return to school on Monday.

Important: Siblings (or others living in the same household) of students who have tested positive and have been placed in isolation must also remain at home (i.e., quarantined) at all times.The health department usually informs the families and us how long this quarantine will last and when the siblings may come back to us after a PCR test.

Transfer to a Gymnasium after the 4th grade:

Very high-achieving students in Berlin are allowed to transfer to an undergraduate Gymnasium after the 4th grade. Please refer to the attachment for more information.

Yours sincerely

R. Müller


PDF Download – 2nd Newsletter (Parents)


Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 3.9.2021

Dear Parents,

Before the weekend, some information:

Recruitment of new teachers:

Interviews will be held next week. The employee representatives have been informed.

We were able to find some applicants with teaching experience and appropriate qualifications.

We will probably be able to hire them fairly quickly.

The substitution situation in the classes concerned will then calm down.


The Senate administration has extended the mask requirement in schools until October 3. There are plans to discuss this issue again on September 20 in the Senate Administration's Hygiene Advisory Council. Pediatricians and psychologists will also be heard.

Starting this week, children will perform only two self-tests per week. Testing days will be Monday and Thursday.


The FunRun is scheduled on the school calendar on 9/17. In the past - before Corona - this has always been a big school festival with a lot of people in the school yard. At the moment we doubt whether such an event is practical with all the hygiene regulations and control of vaccination and test certificates of the guests. Therefore, the organizing team has decided to move the FunRun to next spring. We assume that it will be easier for us to meet the requirements for events of this size.

Walk to School Action Week:

Ms McFarlane and Mr Jess are again planning our school's participation Please see the attachment to this email for more details. We need the support of parents in this!!! The information in the attachment is written in both English and German.

Children's Behavior:

In the weeks after the vacations, there were an unusually high number of rule violations in the schoolyard and also in class. The school administration is regularly in the schoolyard during the breaks. After the supervision on the playground was increased and in some class teams the procedure for repeated rule violations was discussed in more detail, there are already fewer incidents on the playground. The school administration has spoken with several classes. A number of children had to report to the school principal. In some cases, the misbehavior had to be described in a letter to the parents. The parents then addressed this with their children at home.

We are very quick to contact parents about serious rule violations. Efforts in the area of educational measures but also in the area of disciplinary measures (e.g. written reference for the student's file) have been intensified. A number of class conferences will be held next week to decide on further measures. In most cases, parents cooperate very well with the school's measures. We would like to express our gratitude for this. Only if the school's educators can work together with the families in a trusting manner will we be able to make further improvements in this area. We are confident that we will soon have minimized the "initial difficulties" in this school year.

Open House:

We will not be able to host an open house for next year's new families again this year due to the pandemic. There will only be three presentations in the gymnasium on 9/8. Unfortunately, a tour of the school cannot be offered. More information can be found on the school's website.


- Class 6.1 is back from the class trip from Boitzenburg. It's good to have you back with us.

- Cabuwazi: Classes 5.2 and 5.3 finished their circus project today with the final show. Five days of training and preparation are over. A beautiful but also exhausting time is over.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

R. Müller


News from TJFBG:

Dear parents and guardians

The AGs have now been running for two weeks and we are delighted that they have got off to such a good start. The children reported enthusiastically not only about spectacular graffiti art in the courtyard, first progress in Japanese and exciting chess duels, but also about sports activities such as tennis, soccer and hip hop dance. In addition, there will be a Forest AG in the next few weeks and the AG "Needle & Thread will start on October 1.

Since there was confusion about the email addresses of the external AG-providers, here are the contacts again:

Tennis AG:

Henry Gralow

Karate AG:

André Roland


Norbert Petrack

We wish you and your children a sunny and relaxing weekend.

Your TJFBG Team



Substitute teacher urgently needed

The Quentin Blake Elementary School is urgently looking for substitute teachers for the following subjects: German, Mathematics, and Sachunterricht. All subjects are to be taught in German. The substitution is needed until the end of the school year.

If you are a student teacher or have teaching experience, please contact us at .

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 27.8.2021

 Dear Parents,
the third week of school is over, before the weekend some more information:
It is obvious that we have to organize a high number of substitutes at the moment.
At the moment we are trying to replace absent colleagues as good as possible. Without new teachers, however, this is impossible. At the moment we are looking for substitute teachers for the subjects German, Mathematics, Sachunterricht and English. Since it is currently hardly possible to acquire good substitute teachers through the normal channels of the Senate Administration, I am currently launching an appeal through all channels available to me. On the homepage, through the lists of the Senate Administration, through the acquaintances of the staff and now also through the families of the school.  I am urgently looking for new teachers. Please contact the school if you have the qualifications (university degree or teaching degree) and the time resources. In the past we have been able to find very good colleagues this way.
Since there have been some misunderstandings in the last weeks, I would like to inform you about the currently vacant position of the Konrektorin. After Ms. Kub left the school, some colleagues have tried to take over the numerous tasks of the Konrektorin. At the moment, Ms. Jilbert is performing the duties of the vice principal on an interim basis.  She will continue to do so until the position is officially filled.
You will receive word from TJFGB this weekend regarding the start of the AGs.
With kind regards
R. Müller
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ralf Müller







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 21.8.2021
Dear Parents,
last week did not bring very much that I can tell you in the weekly mail.
1. the senate administration has extended the mask requirement at school until Sept. 5, 2021. So we will have to continue to wear masks.

2.The children are now coming back to school for "normal" after summer vacation and after the "Wechselunterricht". Sometimes they are not reliable enough to remember some of the rules in class and in the playground.
The school staff works with the children to ensure that the rules of the school are better followed again. To do this, they also rely on feedback from the families. Please inform the class team if your child repeatedly tells of rule violations and finds this very unpleasant. (e.g., aggressive behavior, exclusions, repeated classroom disruptions, etc.).
Supervisions at recess have been increased again. The chairpersons of the general parents' committee are in contact with the school management in this regard.
I have asked the staff at this stage to report gross misconduct to me so that I can talk to the children about it. In addition, parents should be informed as soon as possible. The staff continues to work consistently on this educational task.

3. the AGs for the 2nd to 6th grades for Wednesday and Friday afternoons were chosen this week. You have already received information about this from TJFBG.

4. as it was the case after the first lockdown, classes are now beginning initial learning diagnostics in languages and math. These diagnostics are mostly done in the computer lab. The results are used to customize learning opportunities for each class and student. They are also the first requirement to participate in the "Catching Up to Corona" program, which is being launched nationwide. You will be hearing about this program in the near future. We do not yet know enough about the exact organization and implementation of support measures at our school. 
With best regards
R. Müller



PDF Download – School year plan 2021-22 Status:12.8.2021


Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 13.8.2021

Dear Parents,

the first week is over, the timetable has passed its first stress test and has been/will be changed in some cases. Thank you for your understanding for these partly spontaneous changes.

In addition, I would of course like to share some news with you again:

School Calendar:

Attached to this mail you will find the calendar for the new school year. Some dates are still unclear due to the pandemic. You will see in the calendar, among other things, that the photographer is coming in September. The class teachers will let you know the exact day.

Parent evenings and other meetings at school:

For parent evenings, please have only one parent show up at a time. Please remember that attendees must be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested.

Vaccinated and recovered persons must be able to provide proof of this. Tested parents please bring current proof of testing (no older than 24 hrs) from an official testing site.

Included in these requirements (tested, vaccinated or recovered) is the Saturday enrollment!!!! Visitors over the age of 12 must fulfill one of these three requirements.

To the parents of the new 1st graders:

I would like to repeat my request here and make you aware that it would greatly help the school staff if your child has had some experience in taking a self-test. Please practice this with your child during the remaining days. You will also make it easier for your child to take the test if he or she has already learned how to do it in a familiar environment. At school, we only perform tests that require children to insert a cotton swab into the front of their nose (ca. 2 cm). This often causes difficulties for the children the first time.

List of test sites after positive rapid or self-test:

Attached to this message is a list of testing sites to go to if your child had a positive result on the self-test at school.

Air Filtration Devices:

You may have heard in the media that Berlin has ordered more air filters. We were asked a few weeks ago to report our need for such devices. Like many other schools, we ordered one unit for each classroom. We have now learned that the schools in Steglitz Zehlendorf have reported a demand five times higher than the number of devices available.

So there will not be a sufficient amount of air filtration devices in each school.

The Senate Administration for Education and the Senate Administration for Health see regular ventilation as a much more effective way to clean the air anyway. We will see how many devices will actually arrive at our school then.

I wish you a nice weekend

With kind regards

R. Müller


News from TJFGB:

Dear parents and guardians,

I hope your children and you had a great start to school. As of next Wednesday, the children in years 2-6 will choose one or two study groups (AG). As already known, the workshops will always take place on Wednesday and Friday between 14:30 and 16:00. The selection takes place in the form of a marketplace where all the workshops present themselves.  There are many interesting activities to choose from, including street art, baking and cooking, Japanese etc.. You will receive more detailed information about the AGs on Tuesday 17.08.21.

We look forward to seeing your children and wish you all a relaxing weekend.

Your TJFBG Team






PDF Download – Enrolment ceremony - Pandemic measures


Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 6.8.2021
Dear parents,
The three days of staff presence at the school are now over. The last preparations for the new school year have been made. In order to start the first week well informed, some information reaches you now.
Corona - Hygiene - etc.
Attached to this mail you will find the Corona Level Plan of the Berlin schools. In a short summary you can inform yourself there about the individual levels and conditions. Unfortunately the plan is only available in German.  However, you will be informed about changes as soon as possible in case of current changes to a new level.
We start the first three weeks of school with 3 weekly and obligatory self-tests for the children. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the tests will be administered. If a children are absent on a test day, they will then take the test on the first attendance day after the absence.
To the families of the new 1st graders:
I would like to ask you to get some quick tests before your child's first day of school and practice taking the test with your child. It is important that your child is able to complete the test on his/her own. The teachers and educators are only allowed to guide your child.
It would be nice if your children already have experiences with self-tests by the first day of school. This will be of great help to the school staff.
The children and all other persons must wear a medical mask in the building from Monday. (OP- under FFP2 mask) This order of the Senate Administration is initially valid for the next two weeks.
If you have recently entered the country from abroad or are still planning to enter over the weekend, please check the following link for the latest regulations.
The necessary information can also be found there in English.
In some cases, individual classes found out about the new teachers in their children's class only very late. Until the last Tuesday we were still working on the assignment of teachers to the individual classes. Unfortunately, this year we did not have the complete list of our teachers early enough to inform you in time. Therefore, we could inform you only very late.
We hope to be quite well prepared for the new school year and look forward to starting on Monday under relatively "normal" conditions.
With kind regards
R. Müller







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 11.6.2021

Dear parents,


It's done!!

This has been a special school year. Everyone - children, parents and staff - has done an extraordinary job. This is the only reason why we have come through the pandemic quite well. My thanks go to the entire school community. It was exhausting but also quite successful. By focusing on the needs of the children, I believe we have achieved what was possible.

Our hope is that we will be able to start " reasonably" as normal after the vacations.

All we know so far is that the mask requirement will be maintained in the first weeks after the start of school and that the mandatory self-tests will also continue (3x in the first week, then only 2x).

All other requirements will be based on the prevailing infection situation at that time.


Report cards:

On many report cards there are different shortcuts:

n. v. oder n. e.:

not taught, not given: The content/subjects could not be taught this school year, either because they are on the schedule for the next school year or because the pandemic conditions in the wechselodel did not allow it.

o. B.:

without grading: many children were not in face-to-face classes for an extended period of time. They were unable to provide written tests. The pandemic conditions did not allow a clear understanding of the child's performance. Therefore, one content/subject could not be assessed.  

There are also some children who do not receive a grading in individual sections of a grade due to diagnosed performance weaknesses (spelling, reading, arithmetic). Even then, an "o. B." is written on the report card.

Planning for the new school year continues. There will be partial changes.

The school administration will still be in the building next week and during the last week of vacation. The following table gives an overview of the preliminary planning. The table is not a final plan. We are still busy with new hires. Some of the figures in the table are therefore still preliminary.

After this year, everyone deserves a break. Enjoy the quieter time and get some proper rest (if you have the opportunity for vacation).

We look forward to having your children back at school on August 9.

With kind regards

R. Müller





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 18.6.2021

Dear parents,

a last message before the awaited and hopefully cooler weekend.

Mask requirement

During the vacation care, the mask requirement will be lifted. If you have registered your child for the vacations with TJFBG, he/she will no longer need to bring a mask.  After the vacations, I am currently still assuming that the mask requirement will be reintroduced. However, there will be no clear news about this until shortly before the end of the vacations.



There is no Hitzefrei at our school. However, the colleagues should arrange the day according to the temperature. In the last days most of the classes have been on field trips again and again. I think a good way was found to get through the hot days. Important: mandatory attendance is still suspended. So if your child is suffering too much from the heat, you can of course pick him/her up earlier. However, we think we have offered the children quite a nice time here.


There will be some changes next school year.

Because some teachers would like to tell their classes themselves that they are leaving and who will be teaching the class next year, we will inform you on Wednesday about all planned changes.


AG offerings next school year:

TJFBG is already planning AG offerings for the afternoons at Wednesdays and on Fridays. The choice of offerings will be organized for the first week of school. The new first grades will not be able to join an AG until the 2nd school semester. For the first semester they will remain in the afternoon care in their class or year group.

The children of the Regelzweig may participate in the AG program if they have an after-school care contract.

Sincerely yours

R. Müller





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 11.6.2021

Dear parents,

The children have been back at school for three days. The start went pretty well so far. We are not noticing any fundamental changes in the children's behavior. Since they have not come back from a total lockdown, this was perhaps not to be expected. Maybe it is also the special program that is organized in many classes that makes the restart easier. Many classes go on field trips, lessons are taught in the playground, and more social learning topics are offered.

Please do not forget to bring your child's textbooks back to school. They will be collected over the next week and prepared for the next grades.

The Sportjugend Berlin offers swimming courses during the summer vacations. Please see the attachment "Parent Information - Vacation Intensive Courses" for more information.

Sincerely yours

R. Müller


News from TJFBG:

Dear parents,

Summer is back. Therefore, it is important that you give your child suncream and a head covering.

Digital group book: In the next few weeks, the TJFBG team will be introducing a digital group book, which means that a colleague will digitally record the children when they arrive or leave the school. Information about the collection of personal data can be found in the attachment („HortPRO - …“).

If you would like to see our school team without masks, please take a look at our newly created photo wall in the hallway of the student entrance.

Sunny greetings

Your TJFBG Team





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 4.6.2021

Dear Parents,

Next Wednesday, school will resume as usual.

The "new start" is seen by the senate administration as an opportunity to bring the children back into their old community, to train social behaviour, to have nice experiences together. The children have also worked their way through the Wechselmodell and have earned a nice end to the school year. Therefore, many classes do not necessarily have a strict learning programme every day.

However, we do have some restrictions to remember.

There is still a requirement to wear masks in the building. These still have to be medical masks (OP or FFP2 mask). The masks can be taken off in the school yard.

The necessary distances should be observed as often as possible. However, this will not be possible during lessons.

The obligation to be present remains suspended. More children are slowly coming back to school who stayed at home during the last weeks.

The caterer may not yet be able to provide enough meals for all students. We have been told that the caterers of Berlin schools are having problems getting their operations up and running again so quickly. Please pack more in your child's lunchbox accordingly and, as always, make sure to provide healthy food. We will see how quickly the caterer can deliver 100% again.

We have decided to continue to give priority to the non-swimmers in Year 3. We want them to continue to progress and become more confident. We know that swimming is a highlight for the 3rd graders. However, the aim here is to save as many children as possible from the danger of drowning. The other children will be supervised during swimming time on Monday.

The days of the self-tests will remain the same. Your children will test themselves on Mondays and Thursdays in the first lesson at school.

The timetables we used before Christmas last year will be in place again from next Wednesday. However, we have had to make some changes. I have asked the class teachers to send you the updated timetables.

On Wednesday and Friday afternoons your children will be cared for until 16:00. There will be short-term organised offers from individual Erzieher. A fixed AG offer will be organised for the time after the holidays.

Summer School:

Some families have received an invitation to the summer school by e-mail. The participants were suggested by the teachers. I would like to ask these families to give the registration forms to their children at school on Monday. Unfortunately, the registration process has to be done at very short notice.

The relaxation of hygiene regulations over the last few days and weeks will continue to increase. Let us enjoy the time but continue to follow the regulations. In this way, we will ensure that we can end the last days of the exhausting school year without quarantine measures and infections if possible, and that many children and families can start the holidays in good health.

Have a wonderful weekend.

With kind regards

R. Müller




Dear parents and guardians,

From 9 June 2021 until the summer holidays, the schools will reopen in full class sizes in regular operation due to the pandemic. The extra-curricular and supplementary support and care will therefore also be offered again. This means that you can send your child back to school according to your after-school care contract.

We are looking forward to the summer holidays. In order for us to be able to calculate the holiday offers and the portions for lunch, I would ask you to carefully read and complete the registration forms attached.

We look forward to spending time with your children.

Kind regards

Sebastian Klatt





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 28.05.2021

Dear parents

Here is the usual information on Friday.

Two different offers for extra support:

1.    Extra Help courses until the summer vacations:

Before the weekend is over, some families will be offered extra help courses for their children. They are intended for children who have fallen very far behind in the last few months and are offered in German and English. The class teachers have notified me of the children in question. The parents of these children will be notified over the weekend. The courses start next Tuesday.

2.    Summer School:

Summer school will again be offered for 1st through 3rd graders this summer break. Again, these classes are offered for children who have had major learning difficulties and fallen behind during Corona. Support is provided in the subjects of German, Math and English. The courses will take place during the last two vacation weeks (26.7. to 6.8.2021) daily at school between 9.00 and 12.00 o'clock.

The class teachers of the 1st to 3rd grades will ask the parents of the children concerned in the next few days whether they would like to send their children to the summer school.

If you are contacted by the class teachers about this matter, please respond quickly. We need to report the names of the children attending very soon.

Extension of emergency care:

See below „TJFBG news“.

Yours sincerely

R. Müller



TJFBG news

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we learned from the senate that the emergency care will be extended already from Monday. This means an immense planning effort for us in a very short time.

Should you need to make use of the emergency care now, it is to be made credible that your professional activity requires care. We therefore require confirmation from your employer that you are unable to work from your home office or home.

Please limit your child's attendance to only those times that are absolutely necessary.

In order for us to order food for the children in a timely manner, please let us know by 1:00 p.m. the day before that your child will be attending emergency care. ( or )

Kind regards

S. Klatt






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 21.05.2021

Dear Parents,

for the again prolonged weekend I wish you a nice time.

However, I would like to give you some brief info beforehand:

If you want to start your vacation earlier before the vacations and take your child with you due to the non-existing obligation of attendance, please keep in mind that

- your child is still required to attend school and must then complete school assignments while on vacation, and

- that you be sure to submit a leave of absence request ( to the classroom teacher a few days before the trip. Often families will be approached by police or customs at airports and train stations for this document if you plan to leave before the vacation begins.

Message from the Förderverein:

The library has already received some new books for the German part. However, further donations of children's books in good condition will be gladly accepted. Please drop off the donations directly at the library or at the secretary's office.

Sincerely yours

R. Müller



News from TJFBG:

Dear Parents,

According to the current status, there will be no emergency care during the summer holidays, but normal holiday care. This means that all parents who have concluded an after-school care contract with the corresponding holiday module can make use of the holiday care.

With kind regards

Your TJFBG Team





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 12.5.2021

Dear Parents,

Two important conferences took place this week. In the GEV (GesamtElternVertretung) all parent representatives of the individual classes met. A central topic was the discussion about the Wechselmodel (3 hours of instruction per day) that has been going on for the last few weeks. Recently, the staff and the school management have been increasingly approached with the wish to install a different model. The reason given for this request was that many parents had difficulty reconciling the Wechselmodel and the work of the parents. The staff took the concerns of the families seriously and met last Thursday for a site meeting to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our offer and also compared it with the offer of other schools. After all the information was gathered and shared, a vote was organized.

The viewpoints, some of which were difficult to reconcile, can be seen in the following model of the discussion:


To reproduce the entire discussion here would increase the volume of this e-mail too much.

The college sees the current offer as reasonable, especially under consideration of the children's needs, the school's educational mission and the protection against infections. This was also the result of a clear vote. Therefore, the pedagogical staff does not consider a change of the current alternating model in the current situation. With the repeated discussion of the topic in the extended school management and with the GEV board, with the site meeting described above and the vote conducted in the staff, the staff have taken the concerns and needs of some families very seriously. The school management is in constant exchange with the GEV board in the discussion about our alternating model.

A second main topic was a new building on campus. At the moment there are plans to build a new three-story building on the edge of the first courtyard at the corner of Taylorstraße and Hüttenweg. It is to be a new home for the Biesalski School. In it, 50 to 80 new students with the support status "mental development" are to be educated. At the moment, no start of construction is known.

The principals of the Biesalski School and the Quentin Blake Primary School are already in close contact. Not much can be said about the current planning status at this time. We are in contact with the school supervisory board and the building authority in order to influence the planning and minimize any negative consequences. We are receiving good support, especially from the school supervisory board.  However, we also see an opportunity in the new building. For example, the higher number of children on the campus may lead to an improvement in the very unfavorable conditions in the gymnasium. The school management will regularly inform the staff and the GEV about news on this topic.

Please check with your parent representatives for more details.

Another topic at the GEV meeting was advanced work on the yearbook. I think we can look forward to a very comprehensive and beautiful edition of the yearbook.

In the school conference we also talked mainly about the Wechselmodel and the new building.

I wish you some nice days off ..... Attention!!! There is no school on Friday. Only emergency care will take place.

With kind regards

R. Müller


News from the TJFBG:

Dear Parents!

In the emergency care very many children bring very unhealthy food in their lunch boxes. Please do not give your children sweets and especially not instant soups. The children eat the content of theses soup packages uncooked. There is definitely no talk of a healthy lunch snack in this case.

Next Friday, only emergency care will be held at the school. If you are allowed to send your children to emergency care and you have not yet registered your child for Friday, please do so as soon as possible. Please email or .  

With kind regards

Your TJ FBG Team






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 7.5.2021

Dear parents,

here are the news of the last days before going into a hopefully nice weekend.


This week, almost all children took a test for the first time at school. The tests were done without any problems. Please take note of the following procedure.

The Health Department gives us the way to go when a child is tested positive on a self-test. The child should be picked up by the parents as soon as possible and has a PCR test performed. If this test is also positive, we are notified by the Health Department and must also notify the families of the appropriate classes. We have had 4 self-tests in the last few weeks that were positive. All following PCR tests have been negative.

Starting next week, two tests a week will be mandatory for all school staff (including interns, cafeteria staff, librarians, etc.) who have contact with children. Colleagues, like children, will also test on Mondays and Thursdays. Schools are now very well supplied with the necessary self-tests.

In a meeting with 35 colleagues yesterday, the general situation and the school offer in the last months were discussed. We tried to compare the alternating models currently being implemented in Berlin with ours. Over the weekend, a vote will be held by the staff to determine whether changes in our offer are necessary. We think that with several meetings of the extended school management, with a focus in a Dienstbesprechung and with yesterday's meeting we have taken the concerns, needs and complaints of many families very seriously and will continue to take them seriously. A summary of this issue and the then clearer opinion of the staff will be given next Monday at the meeting of the parent representatives (GEV). The Parent Representatives will then inform you accordingly.


Swimming Lessons:

We now have the opportunity to visit the swimming hall again with some children. Since the risk of infection in the swimming hall is comparatively high, not all children in 3rd grade will go back to swimming instructions. We will only be able to continue the program with the beginner swimmers. They have the greatest need and may still be able to gain some safety. The appropriate families will be/were notified of the start of the course.


With kind regards

R. Müller



News from TJFBG:

Dear parents,

as some of you may have noticed, the QBES has installed a large glass case in the student entrance. This box will hold the pictures of the educational staff as well as the other employees of the school.

I have taken on the project and now hope for Your help. For those of You who don‘t know me yet: my name is Eva Pfannschmidt and I am the educator of class 3.3.

One goal of the project is to enable the children to participate in the design. For this I have created various frames that the children can design according to their own ideas. There are no specifications here, I just ask the children to colour the frames with coloured pencils in order to achieve a overall uniform look. I would also like to ask you NOT to cut out the frames at home. I‘ll do that afterwards.

The children in emergency care were already able to design a few frames. But now You come into play: I would also like to give the other children who are not in emergency care the opportunity to participate. Attached to this email You will find the PDF files for printing. When Your children have finished their frames they can bring their coloured sheets to the TJFBG office to Ms. Klemme and Mr. Klatt. If there is nobody there at the moment, the kids can also throw the frames into the letterbox directly next to the office.

In order to finish the design of the new photo box quickly, I would like to ask you to hand in the coloured frames by Friday, May 14th, 2021 in the TJFBG office or the TJFBG letterbox.

Your children don‘t have to participate in this project! It is fully volunatry.

Thank you very much for Your cooperation and remain with best regards,

Eva Pfannschmidt





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 30.4.2021

Dear parents,


Here is the weekly information - today on a slightly smaller scale:



Following the severe restrictions on home testing that were communicated to you, very few requests have been received by class teachers. So, starting next week, almost all students will have a test at school. Please refer back to the school info dated 4/28/2021 if you have any further questions about the testing process. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer families to do the self-testing at home to the same extent as in the last two weeks. Also, we cannot yet provide any information on how many children will now be kept at home due to these changes. In the meantime, it is already possible to organize the tests in the classes without wasting much time. The students are behaving in a very concentrated and routine manner.

The children of the 4th to 6th grades will test themselves with the test of the company Siemens ( The younger classes use the tests of the company Nal Von Minden ( Again, I can assure you that we have not had a single case of a child getting hurt. In addition, doing the self-test together has probably also made some previously fearful children more courageous.


Water dispenser:

There is now a water dispenser from the Wasserwerke in the cafeteria. The children can fill up their water bottles there during the day. A very popular choice is sparkling water. If your child prefers sparkling water, please make sure they bring a bottle that can withstand the gas pressure.


Air Purifiers:

The school now has 4 air purification units. One is located in each of the dining halls. The masks are not worn there at meal times. We hope this will provide a little better protection against infection. Two other devices will be installed in the gymnasium. All other rooms in the school can be well ventilated through the windows.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 28.4.2021

Dear parents,

An email from me in the middle of the week means I have to inform you about something that cannot wait until Friday. Due to the announced changes in self-test participation, this has become necessary. In the latest communications from the Senate Administration, they have provided more specific instructions and information about which students will be considered for exemption for at home self-testing. Therefore, we need to reorganize how and where testing is done by next Friday. You may need to make a new decision.

There are still 4 options for your child's participation or non-participation in the school's testing strategy:

Option 1

Conducting the test at school

You do not need to do anything. All children who do not tell us otherwise on the testing days will do the test at school.


Option 2


Attention! This option is now only possible to a limited extent!

See below


Option 3

Alternative negative test result from a doctor, pharmacy, test center or other official test site

Your child will bring a negative test result (must be valid for 24 hours) to school on Monday and/or Thursday.


Option 4


You do not want your child to do the tests and keep him/her at home. Again, please notify the class teacher by email.

Until now, we have been able to apply the exception (option 2) "generously".

According to the new instructions, the exception is now only possible in the following cases:

·         there is a disability,

·         there is an impairment comparable to a disability,

·         the child has been granted a special educational status. (This status is known to those families who are eligible. If you do not know if your child has this status, it is not given).

All other children are supposedly expected to complete a self-test under the guidance of school staff, according the Senate Administration.

If your child meets any of these 3 conditions and you do not want your child to do the test at school, you must let us know before Friday, 30 April at 8:00 am. Please email the class teacher.  Please excuse the short notice. The teacher will then discuss the message with the school principal and give your child two tests to take home for the next week. The message to the class teacher must include the following items:

1. Your child's name

2. Class

3. “We hereby request that our child take the mandatory self-tests at home.”

4. reason: ...

5. Please attach appropriate evidence if the class teacher is not aware of the reason given under 4.


Unfortunately, these changes are required by the Senate Administration.

We would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation during the last two weeks of testing. The impact on the lessons could thus be minimized.

We have had good experiences with the self-tests at school. The children perform them with concentration, routine, and speed. Therefore, we expect that next week many more children will test themselves at the school with the same quality and without any problems. It is also good that all the children who participate in face-to-face classes have now tested themselves several times. In a way, they have now already practiced for two weeks.

We therefore think that your children will cope well with these changes.

As always, there will be more news in the email on Friday.

With kind regards

R. Müller








Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 23.4.2021

Dear Parents,

the implementation of the self-tests has kept us very busy this week. Many families have chosen to participate in the exception (2nd option) and test their child at home. This has allowed for faster and easier self-testing, especially in the younger grades in many classes.

As always in recent times, a last minute change is coming our way.

We now have the new School Hygiene Covid 19 regulation. Likewise, there was a new directive from the Senate Administration yesterday. Unfortunately, both of these documents severely restrict participation in home self-testing.

Since we have now organized the testing for next week, we will proceed as we did this week for the  next week (4/26 to 4/30). If you are going to do the testing at home next week, please remember to have your child practice taking the test on their own. We want to take advantage of this practice situation. This is because we will likely need to test many more children at school the week after next. We will keep you updated in a timely manner.

When we conducted the self-tests this week, we had a positive test result for one child in class 5.3. After a positive self-test at school, the child will be picked up by the parents as soon as possible. Since the self-tests often give false positives, the child must take a PCR test at a testing center. If this test is also positive, the health department informs the school how to proceed.

We have just learned that the PCR test of the child from 5.3 was negative.  Therefore, the children in the class are not subject to any restrictive quarantine measures and will continue to come to school.

Yours sincerely

R. Müller


News from TJFBG:

Dear Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that emergency care is offered between 07:30 and 16:00. Should it not be possible for you to pick up your child on time at 4pm, please inform us in advance via the after-school mobile phone (0171 3342765).

"Lockdown City"

Some children from QBES,

built a city out of milk cartons, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and lots of packing materials. It is now set up in the "Schülereingang" and is allowed to grow.

Would you like to fill it with life? "Lockdown City" needs people, animals, trees, flowers .... .

If you want to help Lockdown City grow, you can give free rein to your creativity and make something for it. Then just put your work in the box that is on the ground in front of the city. I will then build it into the city.

It will be wonderful!

Kind regards

Mrs. Marx

Teacher in training

We wish you and your children a wonderful weekend

Your TJFBG Team





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 20.4.2021

 Dear parents,

Today you are exceptionally getting a message in the middle of the week.

We will be packaging the tests again this week for those families who have filled in a declaration on exemption (A). This declaration only needs to be filled out once.

The children of the families from whom we have already received a Statement on Exception (A) last Sunday will again automatically receive two tests for home testing. During the school day on Friday, your child will be given the tests. Please check your child's school bags after school.


We would like to give more families the opportunity to participate in the exemption programme. For explanation, please read the 2nd option of the attachment "4 Options" again.  So if you would prefer your child to test at home before school on test day (Mon + Thurs), please let us know in the following way:

1. print out the attached declaration in the appendix: "Erklärung auf Ausnahmeeregelung (A)/Declaration on exception (A)".

2. give the completed declaration your child to bring back to school. Your child should hand in the declaration at the school office. The declaration must be received in the secretary's office by 12.00 noon on Thursday, 22.4.2021. Only then can we give your child two tests on time on Friday, 23.4.

On the test days in the following week, you will then do the tests with your child at home and inform us of the result on the printed form "Self-declaration B". Give this self-declaration and the test cassette used at home to your child to take to school on the test day (as described in option 2).

We will then proceed the next week with the other self-test options in the same way as this week. So if you want your child to do the tests again as in the current week, you do not have to change anything.

The familiar "4 options" will be with us for the next few weeks - unless the Senate changes its testing strategy . If you want your child to take the test differently in the future, please let us know in time.


With kind regards

Ralf Müller





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 16.4.2021

Dear Parents,

this school-info is again very extensive - the last-minute changes at the schools unfortunately make this necessary.


Before I explain in detail how we will handle Covid 19 self-testing starting next week, I will give you some important information about schedules. New schedules will be in effect in most classes starting next week. Schedules will be sent to you by your classroom teachers. There will now be music, Sports(outdoor and gym only exceptions), and art.


Included in this mail is an attachment containing a PDF file ("4 Options") with information on how to handle student self-testing.  Please read this PDF carefully. It shows you the four ways (4 options) we will handle student self-testing at school. The 4 options are simply numbered and not prioritized.

For all four options, we absolutely depend on your cooperation! So it is up to you to decide on one of these four options. If you have not made a decision, thus sending your child to emergency care or to class on Monday and do not bring an explanation of the exception (2nd option) or they cannot provide proof of a test taken elsewhere (3rd option), your child will doself-test at school on Monday in order to attend class.

We will be required to have you pick up your child or send him/her home beginning Tuesday if you do not want your child to self-test at school and do not follow the options described.

If your child goes to emergency care first on the testing days, he/she can go through the testing process there.

If your child does not attend on the testing days, they will self-test on the next attendance day.

I hope that these 4 options provide a good way to find a way of dealing with the new circumstances that suits everyone. I repeat myself at this point: we are absolutely dependent on your cooperation!

Furthermore, I and the school staff hope that your children will continue to feel comfortable at our school despite all the pandemic-related circumstances and that we will find the best possible way to ensure the safety and health of your children.

Yours sincerely

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 10.4.2021

Dear parents,

I hope you had a little more free time for yourself and your family during the Easter break.

School starts on Monday with a B-week. This is important for the classes that have been cut in half.

We continue to offer three daily lessons and organize emergency care.

Wearing medical masks is mandatory for everyone at school. This can be an FFP2 mask or a surgical mask.


From the media you have noticed that Berlin will offer self-tests for students* after the Easter vacations. We can provide more detailed information on this today.


Self-tests for the students:

We received information from the Senate Administration the day before yesterday (!) that we should start with the already announced tests next week.

At that time, it was not clear to us at the school how to hand out the tests to the families, because the tests delivered to us were not suitable for that.

However, late yesterday afternoon, a delivery with other tests unexpectedly arrived at the school.

We can now proceed in the first week after the Easter break as planned by the Senate, although we have to pack 400 test bags for the students for the first week of school within a very short time. The delivered tests have to be packed individually so that they can be given to the children to take home on Monday. Therefore, unfortunately, we are not yet able to start the self-tests on Monday.

Please note that the self-tests will only be given out for the children of Quentin Blake Elementary School. Participation in the tests is still voluntary during the first week of school.


Our procedure in the first week after the Easter vacations (12.4. to 16.4.):

Please read this information very carefully!

1.    Your child will get a bag with two self-tests from the Roche company to take home on Monday.

2.    Please take this bag out of the school bag as soon as possible. Please tell your child already now that he/she should not open the bag on his/her own.

3.    You can inform yourself about the test of the company Roche already now:

-       In the attachment of this e-mail an information sheet is copied. (Attachment: "Self-test company Roche").

-       Under the following link you can watch a Tutorial and get more information about the application. Important: please scroll down to the test of the Roche company!!

The tutorial-videos for the self-test are available there in several languages.

4.    You print out the attachment "Self-declaration self-test Deutsch" or self-declaration self-test English. You need 2 printouts (two test days).

5.    Please support your child in taking the test. Please take the test with your child on Tuesday, 4/13 and Thursday, 4/15 just before school. Please plan to spend approximately 25 minutes on the test.

6.    Fill out the printed self-declaration and give it to your child on the day of the test. It will be collected by the teachers.


7.    If the test is positive, please do not send your child to school. Please take your child to a PCR testing center as soon as possible. Please bring the negative PCR test results back to school with your child when he/she is allowed to return to school.


If your child cannot be at school on Monday, but is supposed to come to school on the following days, you can pick up the tests at the student entrance between 12:00 and 12:30 on Monday. Please do not come into the building to pick up tests at any other time. We are to continue to make sure that there are as few people in the building as possible.


Our procedure in the second week after the Easter vacations (19.4. to 23.4.):

During the second week, school attendance will include mandatory participation in the self-tests.  The tests are then to be administered twice a week at school.

We do not have exact instructions on this procedure yet. We also do not yet know how to react if students or their families refuse to participate in the tests. We are waiting for further instructions for the second week of school. You will be informed as soon as possible.


You were out of town during the Easter vacations?

Please check ,

if you were in a risk area.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 9.4.2021

Dear parents,

I hope everyone has been able to find some peace and quiet.

Yesterday's announcement of compulsory rapid tests at schools lead to general confusion, because in the weeks before the holidays there was always talk of voluntary tests in the family area.

I am expecting more information from Mrs Waldschütz, our chief school councillor, later today. She is sitting right now (9:30 a.m.) at a meeting with all the other chief school councillors. When I have this new information, I will inform the staff and the parents. This may be on Saturday or Sunday.

So far is clear:

- We have to give out self-tests to the children for the first week after the holidays, which they do at home with the help of their parents. So far we have not received enough self-tests for all the children.

- We have to make self-testing obligatory in schools from the second week.

I do not have any further information so far. For example, it is not clear what we do if parents do not want their children to be tested in schools? How do we accompany the pupils during the self-tests at school? There are more questions.

But it is clear that we will also deal with this news. Nobody is excited about it.

We will do what we can - as we did all last year. The necessary information will always be given transparently as soon as possible.

Please wait for further information, which I will share with you this weekend.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 12.3.2021

Dear parents,

Some news follow today.


Instruction from the Senate: as of Monday, March 15, 2021, it is mandatory for all persons at schools to wear medical masks. This means surgical masks or FFP2 masks. Please make sure your children only wear these types of masks, that they are clean, and that they fit snugly starting next week.

Covid-19 Self-tests for children

Covid-19 self-tests for pupils will be delivered to schools soon. It is also possible that the adult rapid tests we already have will be released for the children. We do not yet know when we will be allowed to give tests to families to take home. The tests for the children will be voluntary. We don't have specific instructions yet. But we want to be well prepared, because we know that many families and colleagues attach great importance to the children being tested. Therefore, we would like to ask you to send an email to your child's class teacher if you would like to do self-testing with your child at home. We will then know who to give tests to at home. The Senate Office is preparing comprehensive explanations on how to do the tests (

We will give out the tests as well as the Senate Administration gives the go signal.

Staff Vaccinations

We have now been able to submit a list of vaccine-eligible employees. We expect to receive the vaccination invitations in the next week or two.

Child pick-up/drop-off

Please pick up your children from class on time and do not stop/park in the school driveways when doing so! This is for the safety of the children. Again, I would like to ask all members of the school community to kindly point out the misbehavior to parents who are parking incorrectly. We will probably have to call the police for assistance soon if the behavior of a few parents does not improve!

New 1st Graders (Learn beginners 2021/22)

SESB: Acceptances or cancellations should have been received by applicants by now.

German Regelzweig: Acceptances will be sent out next week. They will reach the families at the end of next week or at the beginning of the week after next.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 5.3.2021

Dear Parents,

Entry level:

Next Tuesday the 4th to 6th classes will also come back to school for presence classes. You will find all the necessary information in the attachment "Entry and Red Level English Parents Grade 4 to 6.pdf".

Some more information about the attendance classes:

Next Monday is a public holiday. This means no school!

When dropping off and picking up your children at school, please make sure that you do not park in the school driveway or stop in other no-parking zones in front of the school.

 Please note that masks are compulsory for all persons on school grounds.

Classes will now be taught in alternating periods each day. Between the two teaching periods of a divided class, the children and the teachers have 20 minutes to change groups. Therefore, please make sure that you bring your children to school on time and pick them up on time. The three lessons per day follow a tight schedule. It brings unrest to the lessons if children are late.

We start the next week with an A-week. This means that in the halved European classes, the native English speakers are in the first group. To help you keep track of the next few weeks, a calendar for the rest of the school year is attached to this message. The A and B weeks are colour-coded on it.

Please let the teachers or educators know if your child has recently started going home alone. We need this information to guarantee the children's safe school day.

Occasionally, siblings in their classes have been asked to go to school at different times. If these children cannot make the journey to school on their own, this can lead to an overload of the family "transport system". In this case, please contact your children's class teachers. We will try to find a solution.

I wish you a peaceful weekend and a happy International Women's Day.

With kind regards
Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 2.3.2021

Dear colleagues and parents,

We have just learned that the 4th to 6th grades will be allowed to return to school next Tuesday (March, 9th). I am sending you the press release from the Senate attached.

We planned  that the 4th to 6th classes will get the same offer as the 1st to 3rd classes. We will inform the parents of the 4th to 6th classes in the next days in the same way as we have done for the classes already at school.

The school management will meet with the GEV board tomorrow and with erweiterte Schulleitung the day after tomorrow to discuss final details.

You will be informed about everything else afterwards.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 26.2.2021

Dear Parents,

the first week of the entry level has passed for the 1st to 3rd class and there is some information and new impressions that I would like to share with you.

We have been taking daily attendance surveys in the classes, as we assumed that many parents would keep their children at home because the Senate had suspended the attendance requirement. Of the children in 1st to 3rd classes, pretty much 85% of the children were always present each day. The experiences and impressions of the teachers in these classes are now being surveyed in more detail. The results will be discussed next week in the Gesamtkonferenz of all pedagogical staff, with the erweiterte Schulleitung and the board of the GEV.

Most of the children were very happy to be back at school. The mood in the classrooms was cheerful throughout.

After the first two days, most of the children had remembered the old classroom and behavioral routines. This was especially true for the younger children.

There were also children who seemed calmer and more reserved than before the lockdown. We will see if the apparent change in these children is due to the new and exciting situation at school or to a problematic situation in the lockdown.

I cannot yet say anything about the rapid tests that will eventually be offered to the children. I do not know in what form, nor when the testing will be offered. Also, it is not yet known to the school when the 4th through 6th graders will come to the school.

Pick-up situation:

TjfbG has no further news today. I have only been asked to relay the following: If your child is attending emergency care or you are picking up your child from class, please try to be on time. We have some children waiting longer in the courtyard  or waiting in the emergency care for their parents.

The Förderverein asks me to inform you of the following:

Assuming that school will be open every day for (at least) the next two weeks, library hours will be extended to allow families more flexibility in checking out books

    Mondays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Tuesdays, 12 - 4:30 p.m.

    Thursdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Fridays, 14:30 - 16:30


Have a nice weekend

With kind regards

R. Müller





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 19.2.2021

Dear parents,

we will start classes at the school again next Monday.

Parents of 1st to 3rd grades can learn more about the process and organization of this entry level in the two documents attached to this mail.

An online meeting was held today by the school administration with the parent representatives of the 1st through 3rd grades.

Parents had the opportunity to ask questions about the entry level and were able to offer critiques.It became obvious that for many parents it is very difficult to bring their child to school for only 3 hours.  An alternating model with 2.5 days of instruction followed by 2.5 days of care at home seems easier to support for many parents. The school management presented the arguments why at Quentin Blake Primary School the instruction is offered in daily 3 hours for every child:

1. the organization of the entry level is similar to the school's approach to the red level. We anticipate that the red step will follow next week's scenario at some point. A date for this is not yet known. When the step to the red level occurs, the school procedures are not affected by a big change. The children will be familiar with the 3-lesson-rhythm and daily homework.

2. Every additional week of lockdown is not goodfor more and more children. We observe children who appear calmer and more reserved when invited to school. The children who do not turn in completed assignments to us are increasing. We also have little or no contact to a growing number of children. In some cases we cooperate with the Jugendamt, because the school duty of these children is not fulfilled. In some cases, parents report that it is becoming more difficult to maintain daily routines and to supervise the children's learning at home. It is important for us to let the children participate in "normal" daily routines again. This includes getting up early, going to school every day and especially other social contacts.

We will monitor the practicability of our entry level model very closely. In doing so, we are in close contact with the Board of GEV.

The school supervisor advised schools this week that the classroom instruction will be considered a priority starting Monday. Children will get 3 hours of instruction and homework for the afternoon. Since the teachers prepare and follow up the lessons, they cannot now accompany the families in their learning at home with the same high intensity as in the past weeks.  The schools do not have the time or personnel resources to do this. We hope that we can nevertheless provide sufficient support for the children in grades 1 to 3 who stay at home.


Parents of 1st through 3rd graders, please remember starting Monday that there will be no lunch service at school. Only children attending emergency care will be able to attend lunch at school.

Masks are mandatory for everyone in the school building. Please make sure your child's mouth guard is clean, fits well and is of the highest quality possible. In this regard, the Senate informed us that an everyday mask is sufficient, but medical masks are much more appropriate.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 14.2.2021

Dear Parents,

We have now received official instructions.

From Monday, 22 February, the children in classes 1 to 3 will have 3 lessons at school. Grades 4 to 6 will have to continue staying at home and will only be asked to come to school in exceptional circumstances. The Padlet will continue to be the medium used by the school to send the homework to the children. However, the children in grades 1 to 3 will now also receive materials directly at school.

No further care may be offered. Only emergency care will continue to be provided. So the children will only come for 3 lessons if they do not take part in the emergency care. As the number of lessons is very small, homework will continue to be given.

The class teachers will send you the necessary timetables on Wednesday afternoon. At the moment, the timetables are in a final check.

Classes with 20 or more children will be divided in half. The two halfs will then come to school one after the other.

The lessons are taught by class teams, each consisting of two teachers. They teach all subjects and are in close communication with the actual subject teachers of your children. This form of teaching also reduces contact. The division of the teaching staff into fixed class teams is being introduced at many schools for the next period of face-to-face teaching. It is now only in exceptional cases that one teacher teaches in several classes.

There is no obligation to be present. Therefore, if you feel it is too unsafe to send your child back to school now, you may keep your child at home. In this case, please write an e-mail to the class teacher. The school guided learning from home will then continue for your child. Homework will continue to be offered via the Padlet.

Masks are obligatory for all persons on the entire school premises. They can only be removed from the playground if a minimum distance of 1.5 metres is maintained. Please provide your child with masks. A reserve mask in the school bag is often needed. Please also ensure that the mask fits your child well and is replaced or washed regularly.

You will receive further information from the school management next Friday. This will be especially about further details (e.g. use of the different entrances, etc.).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

 Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 12.2.2021

Dear parents,

it was said that this morning we should receive an official message from the Senate Administration informing us in what form and from when the first attendance days of your children should be organized.   I have not received this message until now. Facebook, Twitter and Tagesspiegel Online are faster!!!

As you have already learned from the media, it should probably start again on 22.2. with the 1st to 3rd classes. There are no further announcements at the moment. I will inform the parents as soon as I have official news from the senate administration. You will also be informed in the next week at what time your child is scheduled to come to school during the first phase of face-to-face instruction.

So next week the usual lockdown program will take place.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

R. Müller


News from  TJFBG:

Dear parents,

Especially during these difficult days, the relationship with you and your children is important to us. Our team has therefore continued to make it their task to stay in contact with your child on a weekly basis either via an online meeting, by telephone or similar. Individual arrangements between you and the respective reference educators are of course possible.

We wish you much strength, let us stay in touch.

Your TJFBG team

Sebastian Klatt

Koordination SPB







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 29.1.2021

Dear Parents,

January and learning from home have been very exhausting. The challenges of this special time are demanding on all of us. Everyone is tired and exhausted and deserves a week off.

The number of children attending emergency care is slowly increasing. In addition, there are the students who are specially invited by us when learning at home is difficult to organize. Also, at times, individual children are asked to come to the school to better monitor the progress of their learning.

I would like to express my special thanks for the trust of the families who contact us and ask for help when things are just getting too difficult at home. So far, we have been able to provide relief in most cases.

GEV sent out a survey about the quality of the school's services during the lockdown. The participation was extraordinary. Thank you very much for that. We will analyze the results during the first week of school and see where we need to and can adjust our offerings. The extended school board will be looking at this. The school management is in close contact with the GEV board on the matter.

The schedules for the phase of beginning face-to-face instruction (3 hours of instruction, classes cut in half for group sizes of 20 children or more), have now been made and will be sent to you when we hear from the school senator when face-to-face instruction will start again.



As long as the lockdown continues, the following hours will apply in the library:

Tuesday, 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Friday, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hygiene Rules:

- Only one patron may enter the library at a time.

- Mask obligation

- You must sign in.


Have a great weekend and a quiet next week. I hope you can relax a little, even though you may not have a vacation.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 22.1.2021

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we received the official information from the Senate School Administration:

- Face-to-face instruction for all students will not take place until 12.2.2021.

- Emergency care will continue to be offered, even during the winter holidays.

- Children who need extra support will be offered additional support at school by invitation.

- Berlin students do not necessarily have to be in Berlin in order to participate in at-home learning. However, parents and guardians must be aware of the following:

Before leaving the city, the school administration and the class team must be informed.

The family' s availability must be ensured.

Parents must be able to support their child(ren) to participate in at-home learning.

When the face-to-face instruction starts again, the children must attend school starting the first day.

The parents are responsible for any quarantine measures due to the stay in a high risk area and arrival and departure difficulties. In this case, if it is not possible to attend the attendance classes, the days of absence will be counted as unexcused.


Report cards:

The instructions of the Senate Administration for handing out the half-year report cards for grades 4 to 6 are as follows:

- Report cards will be officially handed out after the holidays.

- The mailing of original report cards is prohibited. However, we will work with the school district and send you a copy.

The Senate recommends asking parents and sending secure, encrypted e-mails (scanning the documents, asking parents and informing them about data protection, etc.) .... or sending copies of report cards via normal post.

We think that scanning several hundred documents is not possible at the moment due to time constraints. It would also require a great deal of effort to send data protection notices and coordinate who wants a copy of their report card and who doesn’t mind waiting.


We have therefore decided on a pragmatic procedure: Students who are leaving the school after this school year to attend a secondary school (all 6th graders and some 4th graders) will receive their original report card and the registration documents for the new school on 29 January. This will allow them to prepare their registration materials in time. All other children in grades 4 and 5 will receive a copy by post.

Students transferring to a secondary school:

Since originals may not be mailed, the 6th graders and some children in the 4th grade will receive the original report card and documents for registration for the secondary schools on 29 Jan. The class teachers will hand it over in the courtyard. We will set up time slots where the report cards can be picked up. Please send only one person to collect them. Your stay in the courtyard is planned to be as short as possible. Please do not stand together and be sure to maintain social distancing. We will schedule the time periods at the beginning of next week. If you are unable to come at this time, you may give written permission to another person to pick up your child's report card.

Children who are not transferring to a secondary school (all 5th graders and most children in the 4th grades):

These families will receive their report card copies in the mail. The post office for the school district has assured us that the letters might arrive as early as Saturday, but no later than the beginning of the holiday week. The original certificates will then be handed out on the first day of face-to-face instruction.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller




News from TJFBG:


Dear Parents,


If you feel that you are not coping with the situation at home, or if your child is having great difficulty in completing tasks at home, he/she can be invited to school at regular intervals to arrange, discuss and also work on homework with us. In this case, please contact us in advance ( or so that we can discuss and organise everything calmly.

We wish you and your child all the best, good health and lots of strength.

Kind regards

Your TJFBG - Team







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 15.1.2021

Current situation

We expect to know a little better by Jan. 19th when the school will resume offering presence classes and in which form. The idea is that the Senate will decide on that day how to proceed.

If there is no face-to-face instruction until the vacations, there are instructions to give report cards on the first day of school after the vacations.  For families who want to prepare for high school enrollment, we will find ways to hand out report cards on the last day of school as well.


Influencing Grades through Corona Measures

As in the last period, report card grades should not be worsened by the lockdown period. Should children, however, have proven to have failed to cooperate through the child's own fault, a negative influence on the report card grade is very much possible (e.g. repeated disruption of online conferences, refusal to hand in homework, etc.).

The College is careful in this regard and tries well to distinguish between the lack of parental support, which of course should not affect report card grades, and the children's poor work.

However, the impact of the current lockdown on grades is not very significant this semester either.  The periods of presence teaching has been enough so far this school year to gather enough information and find "normal" grades.


Children in school - in the last two weeks?

Emergency care has been running since the first day of the lockdown before Christmas. The Tjfbg is taking care of the registered children.

In addition, individual children are asked to come to school to work with teachers or educators on assignments sent by the school. These children have been specially invited by the teachers because difficulties in completing the assignments were suspected.

In addition, we receive requests from parents who are overwhelmed with the situation at home. If you feel that you are not coping with the situation, please contact Tjfbg ( or ). It is still possible to invite some children who have big problems at home in completing the tasks to the school at regular intervals and organize, discuss and also work on the homework with them.


Unsatisfied with school-guided learning from home?

Teachers get a lot of feedback on the tasks children have to do at home. Many parents are content with school-led learning, of course there is critical feedback. I repeat myself when I explain that we need this feedback. We need to know if we send too many or too difficult tasks, if you want more contact, if your child does not like to talk to the teacher, if your child needs other explanations, if ...

Please contact the class team quickly if such problems arise. We are open to fairly given criticism. However, it is important to me that you also give us an opportunity to respond to negative  feedback. I think that the hot discussion within the parent community is of no use if colleagues are informed too late or not at all. Until now, as far as I know, there has always been a response to problems in learning from home. Therefore, I would like to ask you to report difficulties to colleagues as soon as possible. Please do not wait for a long list to develop.

One more repeat: The best recipe for all the problems listed above is communication. We have been trying to do this since the beginning of the pandemic and so have the vast majority of families.

We get occasional criticism that we feel is unfair and not accurate. We also respond to these criticisms. Please note that the staff is also under great strain. Many are working much more than in normal times at the moment. Like all adult members of the school community, many colleagues have children to care for at home and, just like you, are trying to do their jobs as best they can. We have always found a solution so far. We will continue to do so.


We will come through this pandemic well and catch up on any gaps in learning that may have occurred. Based on our learning diagnostics after the first lockdown, I am very confident in this regard.

Please stay healthy and have a great weekend. We all deserve it.

With best regards

R. Müller


News from Tjfbg:

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that Mrs von Wedel will be joining our team with immediate effect. Mrs. von Wedel will be working mainly as an educator in class 4.3.

We wish you and your children good health and lots of strength in these times.

Your TJFBG Team


Libraries are OPEN! Parents' hour: Fridays 14:30 – 16.00

We are so happy to be able to make our libraries available to our school community during this lockdown. Visitors must comply with the library Corona rules, updated to reflect the current situation:

    ONLY 1 parent may visit the library at a time.
    All visitors are required to wear masks at all times in the library and in the hallways.
    All visitors are required to sign-in when they visit the library (list is kept by the librarian).

You may borrow books from both libraries; ask the English librarian to open and check out books from the German library.  We know that many families depend on the libraries for reading material for their children, and we hope this provides some relief for children and parents alike.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.

All the best, your Förderverein





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 10.1.2021

Dear Parents,

today a short mail on Sunday as a follow-up to the chaos on Friday early evening.

I followed the press reports until 14.30 last Friday. It was reported again and again that the school senator Scheeres will not agree to the changes demanded by many parents, teachers, students and school managements. I then started to work and wrote the mail with which you are familiar. Shortly after the mail was sent, I heard about the news from the Tagesspiegel, which said that Ms. Scheeres is now giving in to the pressure after all and will bring the children back to the schools a few weeks later. I am sorry to have involved the parents of the school in this mess. But I still don't see a solution to the problem, because the schools are usually the last to know about changes that have been decided. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that we had to change our plans spontaneously.

I have attached the press release of the senate administration fromlast Friday to this mail.


So the dates in the last mail from Friday are all no longer valid. We will now prepare for a school start (with whatever grades) on Jan. 25th. However, the way the classes will be organized then will not differ much from what you were told in the last mail.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller






8th January 2021

Dear Parents,

The first week of learning at home has passed. I hope that you have been able to find a rhythm.

The last two days were marked by the organization of the new instructions of the Senate Administration. In this context, we would like to point out once again that it is not the management of the Quentin Blake Primary School that is responsible for the measures of the school lockdown, but the School Senator Ms. Scheeres and the Senate of Berlin. We get e-mails from parents who assume that we decide on this here at school.

Therefore, it is not yet one hundred percent certain that the publications made in the last few days will actually occur. Resistance to the latest instructions is emerging in many schools and districts. We will see if and how the politicians react to it.

So far, we assume that the following changes will occur in the next few weeks.

Changes from Jan. 18th:

- Grades 1 to 3 will be taught at half class size with distance and hygiene rules maintained. Classroom attendance of three lessons per day is to be ensured. No additional care will be provided. Only emergency care will continue to be provided. Lunch will be offered only to those children in emergency care who are here all day.

- We will be teaching classes beginning Jan. 18th in the class teams that have already been announced. The class teams will send you a schedule for your child by Friday of next week.

Jan. 25th:

- Grades 4 to 6 will join the school in addition to the 1st to 3rd grades. Classes that have more than 19 students will be cut in half.  Attendance of three lessons a day is to be ensured. Also, no additional care or lunch will be provided for children in these grades.

- Masks are compulsory from grade 5 onwards.

- These grades will also receive a schedule from the already announced class teams soon.


Daily structure in the two weeks after Jan. 18:


Gruppe 1 Klasse 1.4


8:00-8:50              D

8:50-9:40              Ma

9:40-10:30            E

Gruppe 2 Klasse 1.4


10:50 -11:40          D

11:40-12:30           Ma

12:30-13:20           E

Report card day is 29.1.


From 8.2:

- Classes in alternative scenario: Halved classes, 3 lessons, 2.5 hours of additionally care.

- It is not yet clear whether emergency care can/must be set up.


From 15.2:

- Classes according to the Corona level plan for Berlin schools.


Please note:

If you have an appointment at school in the next few weeks, please come to school only alone. This also applies to the half-year meetings for 1st through 3rd graders in the next few weeks.

Please note that the school will not be accessible at the end of emergency care at 4:00 p.m. to place or pick up your children's work materials in the boxes.

Yours sincerely

R. Müller

School Management





Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 4.1.2021

Dear parents,

We hope you have been able to find some rest and relaxation in the past few days and that you and your family have remained healthy.

A new year is ahead of us. A lot of hope is associated with it, because it is expected that conditions will return to normal in a few months.

Colleagues should have filled padlets by now. So you can plan for the week. We hope you are able to get back into the homeschooling period in a good way. Be sure to feedback to the teachers in question if there are any problems.

There is talk in the press that the lockdown will likely be extended through the first week after the vacations. Officially, we do not know yet and we will let you know as soon as possible when we learn of the extension from the school senator.

Originally, the school closure was planned until 8.1. in order to get an overview of the infection situation at the schools or in the families of the students. Therefore, we would like to ask you to send an e-mail to the secretary's office by Tuesday, 3 p.m. in case your child is currently affected by quarantine measures. (

In the e-mail please state:

·         the name and class of the child and

·         the reason for the quarantine measure for your child (for example, a positive test for the child, contact with a person in or outside the household who was tested positive) and

·         the end of the quarantine for your child.

You may also call the office to notify us (90299 8031).


The information is requested only for quantitative recording of the occurrence of infections. This is important information for the school authorities to classify the occurrence of infections at the school.

Please continue to inform us about quarantine measures for your children.

Not many families will have been away on vacation. If you have been to a country classified as a risk area, please be sure to follow the associated quarantine times. In this case, please also notify the school.


Emergency care will continue to be provided at the school. Information about emergency care can be obtained from Mr. Klatt ( or Mrs. Klemme ( or from the school secretary's office (

We all hope that the time of school closure will not be prolonged too long. We will continue to try to support the school community in this extreme situation through intensive communication and sharing of information. If you have any difficulties, please contact the relevant class teachers or subject teachers.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller







Oh dear, what a year!

It’s been a rough one - Merry Christmas anyway!

Wishing you healthy holidays and a better 2021!







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 15.12.2020

Dear parents,

now is the time and the school close for the 2nd time outside the vacations.

In the first phase, this is just three days before the vacations. After the vacations, we will begin a week of homeschooling on Jan. 4th. We all hope that the Lockdown will not continue after this week.

Colleagues will put materials on the padlet for this or have already given everything to your children.


If it was not possible for your child to bring all the work materials from school, please contact the class teacher.  A pick-up date can then be arranged.

The work to be done should have been loaded onto the padlet in time for your child to continue working right away on Wednesday.

The secretary's office will always be available from 8:00 to 12:00 during the next three days.


In a working group with teachers and parents we sat together  and wrote a guide for parents and children. On it is written what to think about when the red level of the step plan is called out. Pretty good and important advice emerged.

But now the politicians have gone ahead and decided to shut down the school. We've taken out a few points from the guide that are also important in the total lockdown.

Perhaps the two guides at the end of this email will help you to organize the school work at home a little better.


We wish all families that they get through the lockdown period well and stay healthy.



Guide for students

 - I know my day, I have discussed it with my parents. I know when I have to work for school and when I have free time.

- I always do my tasks in the same place, if possible. Have I set up a workstation for myself?

- I use my working time and do my work. Only then I make progress.

- I know my weekly schedule, I find it on the padlet. I know what I have to work on.

- If I don't understand something, I read the task again and try to figure out what I need to do.

I can

- look for similar tasks in my materials,

- call someone from my class,

- ask my parents first if I really can't figure out what to do.

- I know when to call my teacher, the phone number is on the weekly schedule. I can also also write an e-mail. The email address is also on the weekly schedule.


Guide for parents

- I discuss with my child what tasks he/she has to do today.

- I provide a fixed daily structure (homework times, free time times, meal times).

- I set up a fixed workstation for my child.

- I let my child show me the tasks and correct them if I can.

- Contact: I use the phone office hours when I need to contact the teacher or I email.

- I know which families to ask for help with homework when we get stuck.

- I network my child with other children in the class, facilitate phone calls, video phone calls, or even online meetings with friends when I can.

- I know where and when my child's Homework can be turned in to the school.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 12.12.2020

Dear colleagues, dear Parents,
We have now received some notifications from the Senate School Administration.
Information for the time before the Christmas holidays (16.12. to 18.12.):
- On Tuesday 15.12. it will be decided whether the schools will close already on Wednesday 16.12.. The Senate meets on Tuesday and decides on this. The schools have to prepare for this without knowing whether the decision will really be made. If schools close on Wednesday, it will not be taken as an earlier start to the holidays. As in the last lockdown, students will be provided with work to do until the regular last day of school on Friday, Dec. 18. Teachers and Erzieher will be working (communicating with students and parents, correcting work received, caring for children attending emergency care, ensuring that children with special needs or problematic learning opportunities at home, preparing for the first week of school after the holidays).
- If the Senate decides to end face-to-face teaching at the schools from next Wednesday, emergency care will again be offered on these three days and probably also during the holidays. Only those children whose parents work in system-relevant professions will then be eligible to attend. System-relevant professions are those listed in the attachment to this mail (attachment: "Eigenerklärung20201208"). Other children - including those who are normally cared for by the TJFBG after the last lesson or in the holidays - are not supervised and are not allowed to come to school. If you work in a system-relevant profession and your child is to attend emergency care, please read very carefully the item EMERGENCY CARE below.
- If the Senate does not decide to close the schools from next Wednesday, we will continue to offer lessons and care at the usual level. Holiday care will also be provided in the same way as before the Corona restrictions. The TJFBG has already asked for the children, that will take part.
While the instructions for the time before the holidays have not yet been clearly decided, the plans for the first school week after the holidays were sent out to all schools by the Senate Administration last night.
Information for the period after the Christmas holidays - first school week after the holidays (4.1.2021 to 8.1.2021):
The holidays will not be extended. School-led learning from home will take place. There will be no face-to-face teaching at school. The children receive their materials and assignments via the Padlet. They will receive more detailed information about this from the class teams.
Emergency care is offered for children whose parents work in system-relevant professions. Also in the emergency care, the children will work on the tasks that have been put on the Padlet by the teachers.
As with the first lockdown, we will be offering sporadic care in school during the week of 4 Jan to 8 Jan to individual children whose parents do not work in system-relevant professions. These are children with urgent special educational needs and children who have problematic learning situations at home.
Only children whose parents both work in system-relevant professions may participate in the future emergency care.
If you are a single parent and work in a system-relevant occupation, your child is also eligible to participate in emergency care.
System-relevant professions are those listed in the attachment to this mail (attachment: "Eigenerklärung 20201208").
The emergency care is expected to be set up at the following times:
Children from first to third grade     Time: 7.30 bis 16.00 Uhr

Exceptional cases for the time from 6.00 to 7.30 Uhr and 16.00 to 18.00 Uhr

In exceptional cases, extended emergency care can be arranged. For this, you need proof of working hours from your employer. This must state that you work before 7.30 a.m. and after 4.30 p.m.

Children from 4th to 6th grade         Time: 8.30 bis 15.00 Uhr
Days with emergency care: Mi, 16.12. / Do, 17.12.  / Fr, 18.12.  /  Mo, 21.12.   /      Di, 22.12.  /  Fr, 23.12.  /  Mo, 4.1.  /  Di, 5.1.  / Mi, 6.1.  / Do, 7.1. /  Fr, 8.1. 
We have been instructed to start immediately with a check of who will participate in the emergency care.
Please download the attachment for this (Attachment: "Notbetreuung"), fill it out and send it to  by Tuesday 2 p.m.
This is the only way we can prepare the emergency care from 16/12.
On the day your child comes to emergency care for the first time, he/she must bring the self-declaration form that you have filled out (attachment: "Eigenerklärung20201208").
Information for the period after the first week of school (11.1. to 15.1.):
Classes will again be held under the conditions of the step plan for Berlin schools. At the moment we are still assigned to the orange level.
We will start giving the children all of their school supplies to take home on Monday, 14/12. Please give your child an extra bag.
The staff will get further information on Monday.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ralf Müller



Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 10.12.2020
Dear parents, dear colleagues,
although the incidence of infections at the school has decreased, the school supervisor informed us today that from tomorrow onwards the 5th and 6th classes will have to wear the face masks all the time, even during lessons.

The incidence is currently in Steglitz-Zehlendorf over 200/100 000 and also the value for Berlin is shortly below with the tendency "rather increasing". Therefore, it is obligatory to wear the face mask in grades 5 and 6 at the elementary schools in class and in the supplementary support and care (offers of the TJFBG). If your child is in 5th or 6th grade, please explain to them that they must wear the mouth guard all day. 
We have not yet learned if there will be any other changes in school operations before and after the X-Mas break. Perhaps there will be more information in tomorrow's Friday info mail.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller








Dear parents,

A lot has happened this week as well, and I would like to tell you about it now:


·         Two resolutions of the Gesamtkonferenz and the School Conference

o   Resolution on the concept of teaching and supervision at the red level of the Corona Step Plan for Berlin schools.

o   Resolution on the facilitated exemption from the obligation to participate in supplementary instruction (UeAs)

·         Infection incidence at Quentin Blake Elementary School

·         Library closed for parents

·         A request to the parenthood


Two resolutions of the Gesamtkonferenz and the School Conference

o   Resolution on the concept of teaching and supervision at the red level of the Corona Step Plan for Berlin schools.

In the last few weeks a concept has been developed that describes exactly how the school will work when the assignment to the red level is done. In this case the school will have to work completely different and be organized differently.  The entire school program then aims to reduce contacts and maintain distances. For example, all classes with more than 20 children are divided in half and taught or supervised at different times. For each child there will then only be three hours of lessons per day and 2.5 hours of supervision by the TJFBG. The school work is therefore to be completely reorganized. We have discussed and developed the concept again and again with the teaching staff, the extended school management and the board of the Parents' Association (GEV).

The Gesamtkonferenz of the school's staff voted in an online procedure for the acceptance of the concept. The school conference also unanimously accepted the concept.

A summary of the concept is currently being prepared to explain the planned procedure to parents. A guideline for parents and students on what needs to be considered on the red level will be attached to this statement. As soon as this summary is completed, it will be sent to you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and the parents who have contributed to the development of the concept. It was a lot of work for a situation that might not happen at all or only for a few weeks. We hope that the school can remain open as long as possible for the usual attendance lessons.


o   Resolution on the facilitated exemption from the obligation to participate in supplementary instruction (UeAs)

In many info mails before I pointed out the extremely tense personnel situation. At some days 17(!) employees were missing due to corona. In this difficult situation we were exceptionally and only for a few days allowed by the school authorities to allow the parents of the SESB to take their children home after the last lesson.

Actually, the Gesamtkonferenz and the School Conference had to allow this only in exceptional cases (e.g. very talented athletes who have to go to training).

The offer to temporarily pick up your child after the last lesson was accepted by many families for various reasons. Other families left their child at the school to join the UeAs because the work of the parents did not allow them to pick up the child earlier. We always made sure that it is always garanteed that all children are taken care of at school.

In recent weeks, the pandemic effects have increased the number of sickness notifications or the number of colleagues in quarantine. One of the consequences of this was that there was often not enough staff available, especially in the afternoon. It was then often necessary to switch to the schoolyard. However, this becomes more and more difficult with increasing cold.

The morning program is also limited by the increased number of sick staff members. Also in the mornings, the staff of the TJFBG often supports the lessons. However, if the number of educators, which has been decimated by illness, is needed in the afternoon, we do not have as many employees available in the morning. So when families take their children home after the last hour of school, we can also provide a better service in the morning because we can shift working hours into the morning.

For this reason, the Gesamtkonferenz and also the School Conference now decided that in the future it should be easier to grant permission if a child is not to attend the UeAs. However, this offer is only valid for times when school organizational conditions are so restricted by the pandemic.

The school conference will decide on the extension of the date (18.12.) already announced to you.

If the infection situation will allow, the school conference will again restrict the temporary possibility of earlier pick-up after the last school hour for the families of the SESB branch.

So if you would like to pick up your child after the last lesson, please inform the class teacher of the days concerned. If you do not want to take your child home earlier, care and services will be provided. I would like to point this out explicitly. Please decide how it is best for your everyday family life.


Infection incidence in some classes

Class 5.2 came back from quarantine today: Welcome back, 5.2!

Class 4.1 is still at home until Monday. Also some teachers and educators.

Due to the fact that a colleague had a positive test, some classes (3.3, 4.3, 5.1, 5.3) were still in the focus of the health department's investigations at the beginning of the week. In the end, none of the affected 4 classes were sent to quarantine. Only the children who had been sitting very close to the colleague in the classroom for a long time had to stay at home until the end of the week. This affects a total of 6 children.

Yesterday we learned about a child in class 4.3 who was tested positive. As in previous cases, we isolated the class, contacted the health department and organized that the students could go home. However, the Health Department called us quite quickly and informed us that after analyzing the available information about contact times and the infection situation in the family in question, no one at the school could have been infected by this child. We are happy that class 4.3 was back in class today.


Library closed for families

The library will be closed for families this Friday. The offer must be limited due to corona conditions. On 11.12. the library can be used again to the usual extent.


Request to the parents

We learn from many children that they meet very often with their friends or other families in their free time. This is completely understandable.

According to information from the public health department, the infections with the Crona virus that have become known at school are in almost all cases caused by contacts in the out-of-school environment. However, it has also happened at school that a staff member became infected by a child who tested positive.

Even though these free-time meetings are within the legal regulations to contain the Corona pandemic, we would like to ask all members of the school community to limit frequent free-time contacts with changing persons. Every day we try hard to organize the school so that the children can come here. We also try to ensure that the children have as little contact with each other as possible. Please support us in this if it is possible for you. Please let your child rather always play with the same children. In this way you will also minimize contacts.

After reading this very long mail you really deserve your weekend. Enjoy the pre-Christmas period and stay healthy.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller









Dear parents,

we were again classified yesterday by the public health department in the yellow level of the Step plan for Berlin schools. That is why we are do not have to plan any organizational changes at the moment.

As we announced yesterday, we currently have one child in class 4.2 who was tested positive. The class not in school yesterday and today.

If a positive child was at school, the school management has the following instructions:

1. contact the health department and the school supervisor. This is quite difficult, because the health authorities are very overworked. If the waiting time for the contact with the health department is too long or the case is discovered at the weekend, the school management decides preventively that the class stays at home .

2. if the school has been assigned to a member of the health department, the contact is established. Then all contact persons of the child are reported. Who had closer contact for at least 15 minutes, who had more distant contact. This applies to the days on which the child was most likely infectious.

There are contact persons of the 1st level:

This refers to persons who had face-to-face contact for more than 15 minutes (close contact, within the 1.5 meters)

There are 2nd level contact persons:

Persons who had longer contact with the child but did not sit very close to an infected person for more than 15 minutes.

In the current case at our school, we have identified these groups of people and compiled lists. These are reported to the public health department.

3. the health department decides on all further measures and informs the families. Since the health authorities are overburdened, the school management has recently been taking over more and more of these communications. It is important that all decisions are still made by the health authorities.

Attention: The children of 4.2 are now at home as a precautionary measure until the Health Department declares a quarantine or makes other decisions. The children of 4.2 have of course also siblings at the school. Our instructions from the health department do not say that they have to stay at home. The school community needs to know this, because at the moment there are unpleasant scenes between the children, but also between the parents.

I would like to remind you that no child can be blamed if they have a brother or sister who has a child in the class who was tested positive. Please explain this to your children. Sometimes the siblings are not treated nicely. The siblings of the students in class 4.2 are allowed to come to school. Only if a sibling is tested positive, brothers or sisters are obliged to stay at home.

We are now in a situation at the school where many schools in Berlin were already a few weeks ago. Until last Wednesday we were one of the few schools in the district that did not have children who were tested positive. I don't think that this was just luck. Maybe we also did the right thing to a large extent. Let us continue to survive the pandemic so well and treat each other with respect and empathy.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






General infographics about Corona in the schools. Please click here!







PDF Download – Rules for the time of Corona

PDF Download – SIBUZ: Info letter 'homeschooling'



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