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Dear 1st  grade parents,                                August 2019

Welcome to Quentin Blake Europe School! We have important information to pass on regarding the ceremony for our 1st graders.  Due to a delay of  construction work our assembly hall will not be available for the ceremony on August 10th. Therefore we have changed the location to the mensa which is smaller than the hall– it provides room to host students of one class only. As a result changes to the procedure had to be made. Please have a look at the plan below and come at the requested time the class of your child is scheduled.

class 1.1    Start of ceremony at 9.00 am, doors open from 8.45 am
class 1.2    Start of ceremony at 10.00 am, doors open from 9.55 am
class 1.3    Start of ceremony at 11.00 am, doors open from 10.55 am

Please use the back entrance to the casino and follow the arrows.

Kind regards,

Ralf Müller and Nicola Kub





PDF Download – Info: Free BVG monthly pass for primary school students/pupil passes

PDF Download – Mrs. Kub (deputy head) introduces herself



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