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Dear school community of the Quentin Blake Europe School,

We look back on an extraordinary school year, which has challenged all of us to rethink our paths and daily lives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your families. We are aware of the challenges you have faced and the need to restructure your lives within a short period of time. This was essential in order to cope with work, family and learning at home. We would like to thank you for your support, cooperation, and understanding.

Also, the teachers were suddenly faced with new tasks of adapting  to the individual digital needs  of our student body in an effort to cope with the different family situations in a crisis and the very different ideas of learning at home. We would like to thank all of our colleagues, who also had to find ways to reorganize work and family life.

We would like to thank the educators for their commitment in emergency care and for maintaining an adherence to the hygiene plan at QBES while carrying out their supervision duties.

During this extraordinary time, the school management made continous effort  to meet  individual needs.

Some colleagues will be leaving QBES. -We wish Frau S. Heinrich, Frau Seemann and Mrs Walker-Sommer all the best and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard  work in shaping our school.

Three other colleagues will be departing, Madame Chapuis, Ms Buckley and Ms Aboelyazid - we wish them all the best for their future.

We look forward to welcoming new teachers to the QBES: Madame Bertrand and Monsieur Villard (Frensh exchange teachers), and Mr. Kersten (German colleague).
We look forward to welcoming familiar faces returning from parental leave: Ms McFie, Ms Cleare and Mr Benedek, who  will be supporting us again. Ms Minnow will also be back on board in September.

We wish all families a relaxing summer holiday - enjoy the time with your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you all back after the summer holidays. Please stay healthy!
With kind regards,

Ralf Müller                        Nicola Kub
Head of school                        Deputy head








 Quentin Blake Europe School’s Helpline

The current period of school closure is a new, significant challenge and stress for both children and parents. Particularly now during these corona times, but also beyond, we would like to stand by you during any difficulties.

Therefore, we have set up a QBES Helpline. If you, for example, have concerns about your child or you need help managing everyday family life during these times, Frau Jovic, a social education worker from the TjfbG, will be on this line to provide counsel.

You can contact our helpline on 0151 5841 9053, or alternatively, you can send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Hopefully, through this service, we will be able to provide some assistance with any emerging family issues.

Naturally, Frau Jovic will treat your calls with the utmost discretion.

Note: Please don’t confuse the QBES Helpline with the Hort telephone line (0171 3342 765), which is for regular organisational issues.





15th May 2020

Dear parents,

the first week with the 5th & 6th classes and the 1st classes has passed.

We will continue with the current teaching model in the next short week from 18.5. to 20.5. Parents will be informed about the teaching days for the 1st classes by the class teachers, the plans for the 5th and 6th classes will remain valid for the next week. Thursday, 21.5. is a public holiday, Friday, 22.5. is school-free.

We know that many families have been heavily burdened in the last weeks. It is not always easy to balance work, children and learning opportunities at home. The needs and wishes in the families are very different. Some families are very concerned about sending their children to school, others wish that their children could attend school more often. There are families who would like to have more online services, others do not think this is appropriate.

The school now has the special challenge to meet these different needs on the one hand, and to implement the hygiene requirements set by the senate administration on the other. In addition, the occupational safety of the staff must be fulfilled.

In order to dispel possible rumours, we would like to point out that the school management and the teaching staff are not against the digital form of learning. For this we need both the technical prerequisites on the part of teachers and students and a clear legal basis from the Senate Administration. This includes further training and the equipment of the staff. A digital offer must be designed in a sustainable and sensible way and be appropriate for the age group of the pupils. Since the question of data protection is not clarified for many platforms, the use of these platforms poses a risk for colleagues and also parents that should not be underestimated. We are currently in contact with the data protection officer responsible for our district in order to have legal security for future offers. We are anxious to offer our work in a reliable and pedagogically reasonable way. We would like to continue to ask you for your trust in this area!


Presence lessons from 25.5.2020, class 1 to 6:

As in the mails of the last weeks, we would like to remind you that the timetables are based on the hygiene plan, the spatial and personnel requirements of our school. Classes have to be divided into two learning groups, not all classrooms are large enough, many teachers belong to the so-called risk groups and are only available for direct lessons to a limited extent. These are only some of the conditions that determine the attendance time of the students.

Therefore we will ask the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th classes to attend classes one day a week for 3 hours.   

For the 5th classes the emergency plan does not change. They are in the recommendation period for the Oberschule.

The first classes get the teaching hours from the class teachers.

The new timetables for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th classes are attached to this mail.



The 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades will now come to the school for the first time at closing time. We would like to ask you to discuss the hygiene rules for the children with your child. (Attached to this mail "Rules-Rules")

Please sign the sheet together with your child and give it to your child on the first day of school.

Further hygiene details:

  • There is one entrance for each class. Only through these entrances will you enter and leave the school building. (you can find the entrance for your child on the timetable)
  • Classes of 15 or more pupils are divided. The first classes will continue to be taught in groups of 7.
  • School meals: We have ordered a small number of school meals. As the children are only at school for 3 hours, we would like to ask you not to let your child eat at school. Staying in the cafeteria can lead to unnecessary contact with other children and makes it difficult to keep to the hygiene plan.


Further information for all parents:

  • The public library's book bus will not be coming to us for the time being. We will collect the books borrowed by your children and then have them picked up. Please ask your child to return the borrowed books to the class teachers when he or she comes to school.
  • If you want to bring your child to school or to the drop-off boxes, please note the following:
  • Please do not stay on the school premises longer than necessary. Unfortunately, we are still observing longer rounds of talks from parents.
  • If you have other children with you, please make sure that they do not run around and play with other children. We must also make sure that the rules of distance and hygiene are observed when guests are on the premises.
  • Please wear a face mask on the school grounds. Children over 6 years of age are also requested to wear a face mask. 



PDF Download – Timetable of the 2nd classes

PDF Download – Timetable of the 3rd classes

PDF Download – Timetable of the 4th classes

PDF Download – Timetable of the 6th classes



11th May 2020

Important information for the further school attendance of grades 1-6


PDF Download – Information for the first graders

PDF Download – Information for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders

PDF Download – Information for the 5th and 6th graders

PDF Download – Timetables for the 5th grades

PDF Download – Rules for the time of Corona



Berlin, the 7.5.2020

NEWS from the QBES Förderverein:

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die Bibliothek ab Montag, dem 11. Mai, wieder geöffnet sein wird. Da es in diesem Semester wahrscheinlich keine Bibliothekssitzungen mehr geben wird, öffnen wir die Bibliothek für Eltern und Kinder, um Bücher zu besuchen, auszuleihen und zurückzugeben.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation kann die Bibliothek nur unter bestimmten Bedingungen funktionieren:

• Besucher müssen jederzeit Masken tragen.

• Besuche sind nur nach Vereinbarung möglich.

• Termine sind über eine Doodle-Liste zu vereinbaren:

• Alle 20 Minuten gibt es drei Slots für ein Elternteil und ein Kind (es gibt also maximal 6 Besucher an einem Punkt). Wenn Sie mit mehr als einem Kind anreisen, buchen Sie bitte 2 Plätze gleichzeitig.

• Slots sind auf einen Besuch pro Woche und Familie beschränkt.

• Schüler im 5. und 6. Schuljahr können unbegleitet sein, aber dann allein, d. H. Nicht mit einem anderen Freund, und sollten auch einen Platz dafür buchen.

• Ein Bibliothekar hilft Ihnen gerne weiter.

Derzeit ist nur die englische Bibliothek geöffnet und die Tage der offenen Tür sind Montag, Dienstag und Freitag.

Wir hoffen, dass ab der Woche ab dem 18. Mai auch Mittwoch und Donnerstag möglich sein werden. Ab diesem Mittwoch sind Mittwochstage der Deutschen Bibliothek.

Die Bibliothekare freuen sich darauf, Sie und Ihre Kinder zu sehen und Ihnen zu helfen, sie mit neuen Büchern zum Lesen zu versorgen.

Liebe Grüße vom Vorstand des Fördervereins.


We're delighted to announce that as of Monday 11th May the library will be open again.

As there will likely be no more library sessions within the lesson time this term, we are opening the library up to parents and children to visit and borrow and return books.

Due to the current situation the library is only able to function under certain conditions:

• Masks must be worn at all times by visitors.

• Visits are by appointment only.

• Appointments are to be made via a doodle list:

• There are three slots every 20 mins for one parent and child (so there will be a maximum of 6 visitors at any one point). If you are coming with more than one child, please book 2 slots for the same time.

• Slots are limited to one visit per week per family.

• Pupils in 5th and 6th Years may come unaccompanied, but then alone, i.e. not with another friend, and should also book a slot for this.

• A librarian will be there to assist you.

At present only the English Library will be open and the open days will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

We are hopeful that by the week starting the 18th May Wednesday and Thursday will also be possible, at which point Wednesdays will be German Library days.

The librarians are looking forward to seeing you and your children and helping you to keep them furnished with new books to read.


the Board of the Förderverein







Berlin, the 30.4.2020

For all parents:

If you want to get to the letterboxes of the individual classes in the student entrance area, please enter the house only through the student entrance. Please leave the house through the exit on the other side of the house (by the garbage cage). Please spend as little time as possible in the building and keep to the rules of distance.


Dear parents of the 6th grade,

we start with the lessons for the 6th classes on Monday, 4.5.2020.

You will now receive some explanations and the timetables of the individual classes. You will also be informed about important hygiene rules.

Learning at our school had to be organized differently than what the students have experienced so far. The requirements of the school hygiene plan do not allow schooling in the usual way.

With the start of the school 72 pupils come to the school. According to the regulations of the senate school administration, they have to be taught in such a way that an infection of the children and also of the pedagogical staff should be prevented as far as possible. In addition, the children are in emergency care and we have coordinated with the Biesalski School, with whom we share the school grounds.  

We cannot rely on the entire staff for our deployment plan, because we also have colleagues who belong to the risk groups and need to be protected.

With the following teaching model we try to meet the instructions of the Senate School Administration and the spatial and personnel conditions at the school. We can therefore only provide a limited range of lessons.

The focus of our lessons for the classes of the regular branch is on the subjects D, Ma, Gewi, Nawi and English. For the European classes the subjects D, E, Ma SocSt/Science and French are in the foreground.

Planning of lessons from 4.5. to 7.5. for the 6th classes

There are only four school days next week. Friday's a holiday.

Contact minimization and the implementation of the hygiene plan for the pupils are the main focus.

The important measures to comply with the hygiene plan are and to minimize contact:

  • Shift system: We can only meet the requirements of the Hygiene Plan if we introduce a two-shift system: Two classes are taught in the morning and two classes are taught in the afternoon.
  • Limitation of the teaching time to 3 hours (60 minutes) per day.
  • Division of the classes: The classes of the SESB branch will be divided into two study groups each, so that they will always be taught in the next period. For organisational reasons we use the well-known division into German and English native speakers. The regular branch class has fewer students and does not have to be divided.

Large rooms are used for the lessons. The room division looks like this:

6.1      MSD:S 24         MTE: S 22

6.2      MSD: S14         MTE: S 15        MSD= Muttersprache Deutsch

6.3     MSD: S 14         MTE: S 15        MTE=Mother Tongue English

6.4               S 24

  •     Each class is assigned a toilet block.
  •     Each class has its own entrance or exit.

On Monday two teachers will stand in each archway and assign an entrance and exit to the arriving children and name the classroom. The children are not allowed to enter the building until 10 minutes before the start of the lessons. Floor markings indicate the distance to be maintained.

Lesson times/entrances and exits/toilet use

Class    Start of lessons    End of lessons    Entrance     toilets

6.1         12.30                    15.30                      Casino       Casino entrance

6.3         12.30 hrs              15.30 hrs               Mensa        Mensa entrance

6.2          9.00 hrs               12.00 hrs               Mensa        Mensa entrance

6.4          9.00 am               12.00 am                Casino       Casino entrance

The schedules of the classes can be found in the attachment of this mail.

Hygiene rules

In the appendix you will also find the rules of conduct for your children. Please discuss these rules with your child and sign the rules. Your child should hand in the signed sheet on the first day of school in the first lesson. If there are any questions, your child will have the opportunity to ask these questions on the first day.


  • The colleagues has authorized the use of simple face masks. We ask you to provide your child with such a mouth protection. The school cannot provide them to the students. Those who cannot wear the masks for health reasons are of course exempt from this.
  •  As we only have cold water in the sanitary rooms, we allow the use of disinfectants. If you can, give your child a small bottle of it.
  • Please make sure that the necessary school materials are brought along (books, binders, etc.). Your child's pencil case should also be fully packed. Mutual borrowing of materials is not advisable due to infection reasons.

School meals: We have ordered a small number of school meals. Since the children are only at school for 3 hours, we would like to ask you not to let your child eat at school. Staying in the cafeteria can lead to unnecessary contact with other children and makes it difficult to keep to the hygiene plan.

We hope that we have planned the first week of school after the full closing time well in the interest of your children. As in the past weeks, we will inform you about further news and changes as soon as possible.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller        Nicola Kub

School head    Deputy head




PDF Download – Schedules, room plans and timetables 4.5.-7.5.2020



Berlin, the 28.4.2020

Dear children, dear parents,

this is a preliminary information for the families of the pupils of the 6th grade. Certainly the children would like to know how things will go on for them on 4 May.

The preparations for the schooling of our 6th classes are in full swing. This is only now possible down to the last detail because we only received the complete information and instructions for this at the weekend. The extended school management and the crisis team met today. At the moment, a comprehensive room use plan and a catalogue of behaviour is being prepared, which will be sent to the children this week. Also the possible teaching offer is currently being developed.

In the planning, infection prevention is the focus of all measures and considerations. The lessons are to be subordinated to this.

For this reason, the school will by no means be able to offer the kind of lessons that the pupils are used to. Working at home will remain a part of the children's work, in addition to the lessons at school, according to the current state of planning. Also the attendance time of the children will only be offered at a reduced rate. Whether the offer for the 6th classes will change when the 5th classes are back in school in the next few weeks, we cannot yet predict.

The extended school management and the crisis team decided today to use face masks. Families are therefore asked to bring a face mask to school and practice its use with the children. The mouthguard will be used at school according to the following simple rules:

  • I wear the face mask when I move around the classroom and the house.
  • I can take off the face mask when I sit at my workplace with sufficient  distance to my classmates.

We plan to send the exact plans and rules of conduct for the 6th grade on Thursday.

Ralf Müller and Nicola Kub







Berlin, the 24.4.2020

Dear children, dear parents, dear colleagues

for the weekend we would like to send you some new information:

Emergency care: There is a new form to participate in the emergency care. Since the group of children has been expanded, please use this form in the future. We are still very interested in your contacting the secretary's office as soon as possible to let us know if and when your child is to participate in the emergency care. The new form is attached to this mail (self declaration).

The conditions for participation in emergency care can be found again in the appendix (list of eligible professions).

Today we have been provided with a hygiene plan which describes the hygienic conditions for teaching and emergency care from 4.5.2020. Next week we will organize the lessons of the 6th classes in consideration of the hygiene plan and inform you about it. We ask already now the parents of the 6th classes to talk to their children and prepare them that there will be strict hygiene rules in the school. The daily school routine will be different.

At the moment the schools have not received any instructions on the wearing of face masks. We do not assume that face masks will be made available to schools. If you would like your child to wear a face mask, please provide your child with one.

We wish you a sunny weekend, stay healthy!

Ralf Müller and Nicola Kub




Berlin, the 3.4.2020

Dear children, dear parents, dear colleagues

First of all we would like to thank all members of our school community. In this special situation individual and creative solutions were found. We are aware that this was and is not always easy for many. There are families who have been particularly challenged in this situation - we are all breaking new ground during this time and have to reorient ourselves every day.  

In the attachment we send you the info letter "When school takes place at home - tips for families". In this letter, the SIBUZ gives you valuable tips on how families can structure their day at home. Certainly, many will already find the possibilities suggested there in their everyday lives.

You will find "additional offers" for the students on the school's homepage on the first day of the holidays. This offer is voluntary - we wish everyone who is involved a lot of fun!

The tjfbg will inform you about their offer below.  

At the moment we have no information about whether the school will reopen after the Easter holidays. This decision is not up to us, we also have to wait for the announcement of the senate administration. For this reason we can only ask you to be patient.

This Easter will also be different from the past. In spite of all circumstances we wish you happy Easter holidays and hope that you can enjoy the time with your family.

Ralf Müller and Nicola



PDF Download – SIBUZ: Info letter 'homeschooling'



Emergency care

Dear parents,

from Tuesday, 17.03.2020 the QBES will be closed like all other general education schools
We will set up emergency care for children whose parents work in systemically important occupational groups and cannot organise childcare in any other way.

The system-relevant occupational groups have been defined and can be found on the attached emergency care registration form. According to the school authorities, both parents must belong to these occupational groups.

If you belong to the occupational groups listed there and are dependent on emergency care, please proceed as follows:

1. please write an e-mail to as soon as possible with the following text:

Subject: Emergency care - surname, first name, class

My child (surname, first name) from class (XX) will appear for emergency care from Tuesday, 17.03.2020.

2. please give your child the completed emergency care form (attachment) on Tuesday.

3. emergency care will be offered from 6:00 to 18:00. Please note that this is emergency care and that you should keep the time of care to a minimum - the time of possible infection should be kept to a necessary minimum.

4. please bring the working materials sent to you EXPRESSLY Please also do not forget books or workbooks. The working materials should be sufficient for a working time of two hours.

Parents who care for their children at home should be aware of the following information from the Senate School Administration:

1. please try to organise the care of your children in such a way that the number of children is kept to a minimum.

2. please make sure, if possible, that older or particularly vulnerable people are not entrusted with the care of children.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller and Nicola Kub

School head and deputy head 

PDF Download – emergency care form




PDF Download – Senatsverwaltung: Info school closure



We have just received the following newsflash:

All general education schools in the state of Berlin will be closed from Tuesday, 17.3.2020, until the end of the Easter holidays.

All class trips and other extracurricular activities, including Cabuwazi, exchange with France, trip to Hastings, traffic school, etc. will be cancelled.

There will also be no activities within the school, for example Assemblies, Federal Youth Games, school festivals (summer festival) etc.

Parents' evenings, conferences and sports competitions are also affected.

Your class teachers will send you a collection of tasks for your children by e-mail. Please help your children to work through them.

The school will only provide emergency care for children whose parents belong to the professional groups defined by the Senate Department for Health, Nursing and Equality. This list is not yet available. You will be informed as soon as we have this list.

Your children have already taken materials from school today that they will need for work at home. On Monday, they will probably bring some more things.

Monday, 16.3.2020 is a normal school day.

This is a restless time with unusual measures. We are sure that the school community at Quentin Blake Elementary School will cope well with the tasks ahead. We will try to communicate with parents as much as possible during this time.

According to current information, the staff will also be present at the school during closing time (from 17.03.2020) and will therefore receive all information in time to forward it to you.

We would like to thank you already now for your support!

With kind regards

Ralf Müller & Nicola Kub





Dear parents!

1. on monday there is normal school activity, swimming and sports will probably take place in the classroom

2. please also make sure on Monday that the children take their work materials with them.

3. first week of closure:  

Tue to Fri: The subject teachers please send the work instructions to the class teachers by Monday 12.00 at the latest. The class teachers send them collectively to the parents' representatives by Tue 9.30 am.

The following closing weeks: The subject teachers send the work instructions to the class teachers by Friday (12.00). By the following Monday (9.30 am) the class teachers send the collected work orders to the parent representatives.

4. from Tuesday onwards, all staff must be present. We are still thinking about a core time when all staff members are present. More information about this will be available on Monday. We will have to see how we are going to work then and if the instructions for the meeting of school working groups are still valid.

5. although your own children may need to be looked after at home, this is not a permission to stay at home. Unfortunately the duty of service applies. You have to take care of them yourself.

6. the crisis team will meet on Monday, 16.3. at 12.30 pm (Müller, Klatt, Klemme, Nayhauß, Schulz)

7. all necessary information will in future be displayed on an information wall in the staff room and sent by e-mail. Please check the e-mails daily.

8. please stay at home if you have cold symptoms. Sickness notifications can be requested by telephone from the doctor.


Thank you very much for your calm and professional manner, which you have shown in this matter so far.

Best regards and please stay healthy

R. Müller






Coronavirus - Information

The school management may not close the school.
The Board of Health will do that.
If we come into contact with the virus, we have to tell Health Services.
Anyone with a contact case in a class's family should report it to the school board.
Whoever has a personal contact case in the families reports it to the school management.
We report it to the health department and the school supervisor and wait for instructions.

With kind regards

Ralf Müller

School Head



PDF Download – Our activities with the Partnerschule

PDF Download – The Steglitz Schulamt informs: Which school is the right school after grade 6?

PDF Download – Info: Free BVG monthly pass for primary school students/pupil passes



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