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Dear parents,

we would like to pass on the following information: Due to quarantine or isolation, many teachers and educators will not be able to start their work in the upcoming days. Because of the tense care situation, we will discontinue the full-day service as of tomorrow, 11.11.2020 until 18.11.2020. You can pick up your child after the last lesson of instruction. Supervision will be offered for families who need or wish to have childcare after class.

Should the situation become more difficult, we would have to reduce the number of instruction hours after consultation with the school supervisor - in this case we would inform you again separately.

We would ask you all to remain calm. The school administration is in constant contact with the GEV board, the public health department and the school supervisors, and we will do our very best to carry  Quentin Blake Europe School through this pandemic as well and safely as possible. It is important that we all stand together as a school community. We thank you for your understanding and support.

With kind regards,

Ralf Müller und Nicola Kub





Dear parents,

we were again classified yesterday by the public health department in the yellow level of the Step plan for Berlin schools. That is why we are do not have to plan any organizational changes at the moment.

As we announced yesterday, we currently have one child in class 4.2 who was tested positive. The class not in school yesterday and today.

If a positive child was at school, the school management has the following instructions:

1. contact the health department and the school supervisor. This is quite difficult, because the health authorities are very overworked. If the waiting time for the contact with the health department is too long or the case is discovered at the weekend, the school management decides preventively that the class stays at home .

2. if the school has been assigned to a member of the health department, the contact is established. Then all contact persons of the child are reported. Who had closer contact for at least 15 minutes, who had more distant contact. This applies to the days on which the child was most likely infectious.

There are contact persons of the 1st level:

This refers to persons who had face-to-face contact for more than 15 minutes (close contact, within the 1.5 meters)

There are 2nd level contact persons:

Persons who had longer contact with the child but did not sit very close to an infected person for more than 15 minutes.

In the current case at our school, we have identified these groups of people and compiled lists. These are reported to the public health department.

3. the health department decides on all further measures and informs the families. Since the health authorities are overburdened, the school management has recently been taking over more and more of these communications. It is important that all decisions are still made by the health authorities.

Attention: The children of 4.2 are now at home as a precautionary measure until the Health Department declares a quarantine or makes other decisions. The children of 4.2 have of course also siblings at the school. Our instructions from the health department do not say that they have to stay at home. The school community needs to know this, because at the moment there are unpleasant scenes between the children, but also between the parents.

I would like to remind you that no child can be blamed if they have a brother or sister who has a child in the class who was tested positive. Please explain this to your children. Sometimes the siblings are not treated nicely. The siblings of the students in class 4.2 are allowed to come to school. Only if a sibling is tested positive, brothers or sisters are obliged to stay at home.

We are now in a situation at the school where many schools in Berlin were already a few weeks ago. Until last Wednesday we were one of the few schools in the district that did not have children who were tested positive. I don't think that this was just luck. Maybe we also did the right thing to a large extent. Let us continue to survive the pandemic so well and treat each other with respect and empathy.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Dear parents,

now our school is also affected. We now have a child who tested positive in class 4.2.

We got the message yesterday in the evening hours. The class is at home today. The class is not yet in quarantine. This will be decided by the health department. So the fact that the class is at home is just a safety measure. The school management identifies the child's contacts today and sends them to the Health Department. The health department then reports to the school management. Unfortunately, we were told that we had to line up behind 13 schools today, which are also waiting for news from the Youth Welfare Office. I will keep the class informed if there is any new information. We will then also know how to pay attention to siblings.

 8 colleagues had longer contact with the child. Today I had to ask them to stay at home and take a test as soon as possible. The breakdown is a great burden on the school. Therefore I discussed the following with the school authorities:

Please pick up your children after the last lesson and do not let your children participate in after-school care. We guarantee emergency care. You could help us so much. We can then better minimize the children's contacts. This request is valid for today and tomorrow.

I would like to thank the 8 colleagues who reacted very calmly and immediately made an effort to get a test appointment. I would also like to thank the parents of 4.2 for the trust they have shown us since yesterday evening. We continue to try to inform the school community as well as possible.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller






Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 30.10.2020

Dear parents,

the first week after the vacations is over and there is some information from the school management and from the TJFBG

All information is of special importance today!

Reports of children in quarantine:

We also have some families at our school who have been quarantined. Fortunately, all of these children were not at school after an infection or contact incident in the family became known.

Important: If your children have to be quarantined because there is a positive case in the family or the health department has determined that they have to wait for a test result, please proceed as follows:

1. Immediately send an e-mail to

- Mention the name of the child and the child's class!

- Explain why the quarantine exists. Mention the last day your child was at school.

2. Inform the class teacher

3. Call the secretary's office in the morning from 7.40 a.m.

4. do not send your child back to school until the school has given the OK.

Corona step plan of the Bertlin schools:

Yesterday it was decided that Quentin Blake Elementary School will remain at the yellow level (2nd level). So no changes are expected next week.

Distance rules:

Too many children leave the school through the student entrance. Since there are also many parents of younger children waiting there, there is too much activity at the student entrance. We are currently planning to receive and release the children through the different entrances and exits. This is not easy, because we have to ensure and plan the supervision of the children. You will be informed about this in an extra mail next week.

An exception are the 5th and 6th classes. When these classes have classroom closing time in their classroom, they will leave the building from Monday onwards via the following exits:

CO2 measuring devices:

The school has now received 4 (!) CO2 measuring devices. They will be exchanged between classes after a short ventilation training. In some classes such devices already existed and also the experimental devices from the science room have been used recently.  Some colleagues report that the prescribed ventilation time in 20-minute intervals often corresponded to reality and that the devices recommended ventilation after about 20 minutes. We have ordered 20 additional devices to be used in all classrooms. Unfortunately, there are currently longer delivery times for them.



Far too few children were registered by their parents for the school lunch.  The caterer LUNA called us today and informed us that from Monday on about 1/3 less meals can only be offered. We were informed that although a lot of children are participating in the lunch, not all were registered. The financing of the meal is tied to these registrations. The parents are responsible for the registration. It doesn't cost the parents any money, but only 5 minutes time at most! If you have not yet registered your child with the caterer LUNA, please do so immediately:

1.      go to the following website:

2.      enter the school code: QBX

3.      complete the registration process once you have entered your data

We could ask for a short delay. However, if too few children continue to be registered by their parents, we will receive too few meals.

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller







Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 25.10.2020

Dear parents,

I hope that you all could find a little peace and quiet, even though certainly not all families were on holiday.

You are  now getting a message because we wanted to give you the latest news. The instructions and prescriptions are currently adapted almost daily to the level of infection.

Unfortunately, the coming weeks will continue to be marked by the occurrence of the infection.

- The school starts tomorrow in regular operation. The Corona Step Plan for Berlin schools announced before the holidays has been discussed in detail in the media in recent weeks. It is still valid in the known version.

Corona step-by-step plan for Berlin schools:



The first two pages are important for primary school. At the end of the first page, it is stated that primary schools should be spared from measures to restrict attendance at school, if possible. We will see how long this intention can be maintained.

- Decision-making processes: To which level of the Corona Step Plan is the Quentin Blake Primary School assigned?

Every Thursday, the health authorities, in cooperation with the school supervisory authority, decide on the level classification of each individual school. On Friday, the staff and families of the pupils are informed. The weekly grade assignment is then valid from the following Monday. We will therefore be assigned to a special level for the first time next Thursday (29.10.2020).

- Although the first assignment to a level will not be made until next week, the schools were informed during the last week of the holidays that all schools will be assigned to the "Yellow" level (2nd level) of the Corona Step-by-Step Plan on the first school day after the holidays. This level hardly differs from the previous regular operation. The most important change applies only to adults at the school, who now have to wear a protective mask almost throughout. Roughly summarised, the measures of the yellow level for primary school are as follows:


 Level 2

- Regular lessons

- TJFBG operates on a full regular basis

- Mask for movement in the building

- employees: Mask obligatory in common rooms: staff room, break room, kitchen, ...

- Maintain minimum distance as far as possible

- Do not mix class associations if possible


Even if you have done it many times before: Please sensitise your children again to our hygiene rules for children:

Hygiene rules at Quentin Blake Primary School for pupils:

1. I try to keep the distance of 1.5 meters as often as possible, even if it is not always possible. This now also applies in the schoolyard!

2. I do not touch children or adults.

3. I wear my mouth guard when I walk around. When I sit, I can take off the mouthguard.

4. I wash my hands several times a day, thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 to 30 seconds ...

- after going to the toilet,

- after coughing, sneezing or blowing my nose,

- after I have touched railings, door handles or light switches with my hands

- before the lunch!


5. If I want to use disinfectant, I can have an adult give me some. I use my own disinfectant carefully.

6. I cough or sneeze in the crook of my arm, I try to move away from other people or turn away before.

- You have been on a trip and don't know whether you were in a risk area? Please inform yourself here:

- You were on holiday with your child in a risk area? Please inform yourself here:  Please read here: Part 3 - Quarantine Measures; § 8 Domestic Quarantine for Incoming and

Returning Travelers from Abroad; Observation (The measures described greedily are compulsory) Please only send your child to school if you are sure that you have not been in a risk area.


- Mrs Scheeres will provide information on the use of CO2 measuring devices:

The school senator has sent a letter to all schools. In it she informs about the use of CO2 measuring devices in the classrooms. Our school will be provided with 3 measuring devices, which will be exchanged between classes. With the help of the devices, it will be possible to train in which rhythm the rooms are best ventilated. The exact time of delivery of the devices to our school is not yet known.

More information: file:///C:/Users/SCHV05~1/AppData/Local/Temp/2/schule-co2-messgeraete.pdf


As in the last school info mail shortly before the holidays, I would like to point out repeatedly that it also depends to a large extent on all members of the school community whether we remain in regular operation or have to cut back on teaching soon. Please take care of yourself and your families. Please keep to the well-known rules of hygiene; in the school and elsewhere. In this way, we can all contribute to ensuring that your children can come to school regularly for as long as possible and that you can go to your work largely undisturbed.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller









Quentin-Blake-Grundschule, 9.10.2020

Dear parents,

before the autumn break some new information will come to you.

New Corona step plan: As you may have heard from the media, the schools received the new Corona Step Plan yesterday, which will be applied after the autumn vacations. According to this plan, the health authorities will assign each school to a certain level each week in discussions with the respective school supervisors. Each level is subject to different action guidelines. The first level is to be compared with the current teaching offered, the fourth and last level is associated with a reduced teaching offer. The assignment of a school to a step is preceded by a differentiated consideration of the general infection situation in the district or in Berlin, the concrete school infection situation and the general conditions of a school.

Further information can be found at:

The Corona step plan is available for download at

The step-by-step plan was drawn up with the aim of creating a Berlin-wide transparent structure of action. The schools will adapt their hygiene plans to this plan.

Schoolyard situation: In the last School Info, an increase in incidents in the schoolyard was reported. We have now been able to strengthen supervision. In addition, the staff agreed on a uniform procedure for the supervision in the schoolyard. Mr. Leuteritz, our police prevention advisor, was also in some classes and talked about the incidents. However, we also want to hold the students responsible for the incidents accountable.

In the future, these children will be offered "counseling" if they are increasingly noticed for disrespectful and violent behavior during breaks. I will welcome these students every Wednesday during the first break for a joint break consultation. They will explain why they are present and together name alternative courses of action. A form for participation in break counseling will be given to the parents for signature. If the students have come to me for counseling three times, the parents will be asked to come to the school to talk about the problem.

We believe that the measures described will lead to an improvement in behavior. An improvement was already noticeable last week due to the more effective and increased supervision.

We are all concerned about the current infection rates. Certainly there are families in our school community who have now learned that they will not be able to spend their fall vacation as planned.

Under this impression, we would like to appeal once again to all members of the school community to spend the autumn vacations responsibly and in accordance with the rules to reduce the current infection rates.  Our goal must be to keep the school in full operation for as long as possible. There are many indications that in the future not all schools will be closed at once, but that action will only be taken in individual affected schools as needed. The employees and their families  can therefore jointly support the goal of keeping the school open as long as possible.

We wish you two quiet and relaxing weeks.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ralf Müller








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