mini Marathon 2012

24. mini MARATHON 2012


Impressions 24th mini Marathon


Team result Quentin Blake (only girls 1):

Total Time: 4:27:18

Position: 68 of 100 primary schools

Ten runners from a primary school made up a team. The ten best girls achieved 68th place. It was not possible for the remaining 2 girls to form a second team.
Even this year unfortunately, only seven boys partook at the run. Therefore there was no team result and no place. The running times can be seen in the following tables.


Girls 1:

Emma Wette20015590:24:41
Lisa Nierhoff20015560:24:41
Lena Heller20046710:25:27
Neisha Cameranesi200x8960:26:41
Anna Nierhoff20029740:27:12
Caroline Schrabback200110170:27:24
Luca Schimpf200210200:27:25
Benian Bartels200x11020:27:49
Julia Wette200x11230:27:59
Paulina Lüth200x11240:27:59


Girls 2:

Anneke Bussert 200x0:31:14
Simran Friz20030:34:00



Erik Jürgens20020:20:17
Aaron Leonhard20020:20:22
Laurin Stahl20030:23:17
Justus Hauck200x0:24:13
Antonius de Gruyter20030:25:39
Jac Watson20030:30:45
Ben Watson20030:33:04




Quentin Blake Illustration