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QBES Science Fair 2013

Congratulations to Classes 6.1 and 6.2 for their wonderful Science Fair 2013!Students had the opportunity to focus on their particular interests during the Summer Term, culminating in a fantastic exhibition day on 30th May. A wide spectrum of themes were investigated; everything from an in-depth study of the Periodic Table to Poisons and Perfumes investigating plants found in every garden, as well as,   Paper-making in Action and  Taste and Toothpaste to name just a few! The full extent of the students talents can be seen by browsing through the photo gallery! As a Science Teacher, it is always highly rewarding to support the children while they demonstrate their potential in this way, to produce such a spectacular show! Well done Classes 6.1 and 6.2!

Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Tausendfreund


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QBES Science Fair 2012

The QBES Science Fair was a wonderful event of hands-on demonstrations about physics, chemistry, biology or combinations of the above.  There were demonstrations on:  the centre of gravity, air pressure, formation of vortices, the  Bernoulli principle, density, oxidation, burning snowballs, the water cycle, the lilly effect, the structure and bonding of water, spices, the sense of smell, polymers, crystals, pH and tooth decay, colour, dry ice, bubbles, as well salt's affect on cola and ice. The demonstrations were amazing.  The backdrops were attractive and informative.  But best of all was the patient intensity with which the sixth graders repeatedly explained their scientific concepts to the younger children.  Science is so cool!  Well done, sixth graders!