Dodge Ball Tournament 2014

Results: Winner was the 6.1

              Runner-up was the 6.2

              In the third place was the 5.1

Dodge Ball Championship 2014 Picture Gallery


The winner 2014: 6.1




Dodge Ball Tournament 2013

The mood at this year’s Dodge Ball Tournament was fantastic (Cole's Sport Center). All seven classes from the QBES and one team from the Biesalski-School showed huge commitment and determination to play well and win their games.  

 Results: Winner was the 6.2

               Runner-up was the 6.1

               In third place was the 5.2

               Class 4.1 and the Biesalski-Team won the fairness cup.

 Well done everyone!

Dodge Ball Championship Picture Gallery

The winner 2013: 6.2